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When is In the Tall Grass released on Netflix? Who is in the cast?

Patrick Wilson and Laysla De Oliveira lead the latest adaptation of a Stephen King thriller

In The Tall Grass
Published: Friday, 4th October 2019 at 4:53 pm

Patrick Wilson and newcomer Laysla De Oliveira lead the latest Netflix adaptation of horror-master Stephen King’s extensive oeuvre.


In the Tall Grass returns to what looks to be fairly familiar Stephen King stomping grounds – a bucolic field out in middle America. But, unlike Children of the Corn, where the real menace lies outside the cornfields, it seems that In the Tall Grass, the malevolence resides… well, in the tall grass. Go figure.

If you’re keen to catch it on Netflix, we have all the details below.

When is In the Tall Grass released on Netflix?

It’ll make its unsettling debut on Friday, October 4th.

Is there a trailer?

Indeed there is – have a look and marvel at how threatening a field of grass can be. A field of grass, people!

Who’s in the cast?

There’s actually a very small cast, as suits such a claustrophobic film. Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, Aquaman, Fargo TV series) and Rachel Wilson (no relation; voices Heather on Total Drama) play Ross and Natalie Humboldt, parents of Tobin (Will Buie Jr).

Laysla De Oliveira and Avery Whitted play brother and sister Cal and Becky Demuth, who are drawn into the field, while Harrison Gilbertson plays Travis, the father of Becky’s unborn baby.

What is In the Tall Grass about?

If you needed a top-line synopsis to explain it to a friend, you could say that it’s about a brother and sister entering a field of tall grass to rescue a young boy, after hearing his cries for help. They soon find themselves lost and trapped in the long grass and, because this is Stephen King, a series of terrifying and awful things happen.

While it looks like a parable about the dangers of lax groundskeeping, consider the grass as more of a spider’s den and you might be further down the right track.


As with so many of Stephen King’s novels and novellas, there are hints of the supernatural at play, and an exploration of how regular mortals can be ensnared and corrupted by it. Will anyone make it out alive?


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