Love Island first look: Amy and Curtis are on a “break”, Joanna and Amber clash

The end is nigh for the former it couple

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After a spell as favourites to win Love Island, Curtis and Amy appear to be on the brink of a break-up in a preview clip for Thursday night’s episode.


Elsewhere, the producers’ attempt to get Amber and Joanna to squash their beef is off to a bad start, with the two bickering over who behaved incorrectly when Amber re-entered the villa.

Joanna tells Amber that she doesn’t want there “to be tension in the villa” and that she wants to squash it and be on “good-ish” terms.

But Amber is mad that Joanna didn’t come and talk to her directly on the night.

“So you comment on a girl’s looks, just because she didn’t say hi to you?” Joanna asks her.

Curtis and Amy’s conversation is no more productive.

“You knew that this would break my heart, and you still did it,” Amy tells him. “I want to be civil to you, I still want to talk to you, I need a break now to work out what I want to do.”

Curtis doesn’t offer her much reassurance about their potential future together.

“I’ve meant everything I’ve said,” he says, “but…”

That doesn’t sound like a good “but”. Tune in tonight to find out where that sentence goes…


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2