Heston Carter is killed off on Doctors – actor Owen Brenman leaves the cast

Tragedy strikes in Monday's episode of the BBC1 soap

Heston Carter (Owen Brenman) dies on Doctors

Doctors favourite Heston Carter has lost his life in the aftermath of a dramatic car crash on the BBC1 daytime soap. Monday’s episode saw the Letherbridge GP killed off in emotional scenes that marked the exit of actor Owen Brenman after a decade in the role.


A shock Doctors demise had already been teased, with the terrifying accident screened last Friday having left the fates of Heston, Mrs Tembe and Dr Al hanging in the balance. But, as has just been revealed, it was Heston who didn’t make it through the ordeal – his death from a bleed on the brain leaving wife Ruhma and stepchildren Shak and Alia distraught.

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A guilty-feeling Al – who lost control of Heston’s Jaguar when it flew over a hedge and into a field – could only look on in horror as Heston’s body gave up the fight and his heart monitor flat-lined.

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Tomorrow’s Doctors will see the team struggling to deal with their grief, with Mrs Tembe set to break down after Jimmi breaks the news of Heston’s death. At home, Ruhma is just about managing to keep up a front for Shak and Alia, but the arrival of Al at her front door completely throws her. Will she be able to give him the absolution he craves?

Alia, meanwhile, makes the suggestion that they donate Heston’s body to medical science as per his wishes, but Ruhma isn’t sure that she can bear the thought of that. Viewers can then expect an argument to break out between Shak and Ali as Alia keeps pushing the issue.

Heston’s history on Doctors

Doctors 2018/19

The character of Heston has been a mainstay on Doctors since October 2008, with major plotlines including his heart attack in 2009 and a shock arrest following his attack on a robber with a cricket bat.

Heston also spent many years looking for love, with romantic interest coming in the form of Lily Hassan and Marina Bonnaire before he eventually married midwife Ruhma Hanif.


Prior to joining the cast of Doctors, actor Owen Brenman was best known for playing Victor Meldrew’s next-door neighbour Nick Swainey in the BBC sitcom One Foot in the Grave. He also starred in three series of the ITV children’s drama Woof! and CBBC series Oscar Charlie.