Home and Away: the Astoni family arrive in Summer Bay

Complete with trouble-making teenage daughters...


Home and Away welcomes a new family as the Astoni clan arrive – and while they don’t initially plan to stay in the Bay, they’re soon putting down roots and are set to bring fun and chaos to the community…


The first member of the clan on screen is 19 year-old Ziggy. The rebellious girl crosses paths with Brody Morgan when she bursts into the bathroom while he’s at a recovering addicts’ meeting, urging him to hide her. We then follow Ziggy home to the city where her dad Ben catches up with her and accuses his daughter of stealing a car and doing a runner. 

Mum Maggie reveals their younger daughter Coco has been suspended for online bullying, and soon there’s full-scale bickering chez Astoni. Maggie suggests the family take a trip away from their troubles and they end up stopping off in Summer Bay to spend some quality time on the beach. 

However, when their car won’t start as they go to leave, it appears the Astoni brood are stranded in the Bay… Local legend Alf Stewart takes pity on the family and lets them stay in the caravan park, but city girls Coco and Ziggy are not impressed with the rural surroundings. 

Naughty Ziggy soon makes her own entertainment by stealing from the locals and getting a warning from the cops, so when Ben’s car is finally fixed they’re relieved to be leaving – until Ben backs into a water tank and bursts a pipe… 

Agreeing with Alf to stay and fix the damage himself, the Astoni kids prepare to spend a whole week in Summer Bay – but show bosses have already confirmed the family will be a permanent fixture, with teacher Maggie eventually becoming the new school principal and Ben needing a change of career as his business in the city is struggling.

Both parents are hoping settling down in a seemingly quiet town will keep Ziggy and Coco from going too far off the rails. But we’ve got a feeling Summer Bay won’t know what’s hit it…  

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 31 July, Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 August on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.