Mr Wednesday and Laura Moon to share even more scenes in American Gods season 2

"I can't wait to see how that relationship plays out," star Emily Browning told as she revealed a major departure from Neil Gaiman's novel


Laura Moon and Mr Wednesday’s paths finally crossed in the last moments of season one, when Shadow’s dead wife rocked up at Easter’s mansion.


Now Laura actress Emily Browning has revealed that – in a major diversion from Neil Gaiman’s novel – the two strong-willed characters will “definitely” share even more scenes in season two. 

Gaiman kept Laura and Mr Wednesday [Ian McShane] entirely separate when he wrote the book in 2001.

But the TV adaptation has made significant changes to the plot, and “there will definitely be some Laura/Wednesday scenes in season two,” Browning told

“I can’t wait. I didn’t get to see Ian that much when we were shooting but I’ve spent lots of time with him during press and he’s just so much fun. So I can’t wait to see how that relationship plays out.”

In the novel, Laura and Mr Wednesday occupy different spheres: Laura visits Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) and saves him from danger, but she never actually meets her husband’s new Norse god boss. 

But (spoiler alert!) episode eight ends with Laura and Mad Sweeney surveying the ravaged landscape after Wednesday and Easter’s showdown with Media, Mr World and Technical Boy.

Leaning over the balcony of Easter’s mansion, they call down to Shadow and Wednesday (or, as we can now finally call him, Odin). 

Judging by the fact that Laura now knows Wednesday ordered Mad Sweeney to kill her – and judging by how fast Wednesday sped away when he saw zombie-Laura in his rear-view mirror – what happens next could be ugly.

So what is Laura playing at? Browning explains: “She’s still – at this point in time at least – very much focused on getting back to Shadow. I think really she’s at a point where it’s not even about what Shadow wants at all, she’s sort of determined to make up for something.

“She wants to protect him, which is a nice thing I suppose, but she also is not really considering what he wants. She’s still a jerk so we’ll see what happens!”

What’s next for American Gods? We can make some educated guesses based on the novel, but it seems even the showrunners haven’t completely worked it out. 

“Well, they haven’t actually started writing the next season yet,” Browning revealed.

“But I’ve heard little bits and pieces. They’ve started fleshing it out and mapping out the whole season, but it’s funny because Bryan [Fuller, showrunner] always wants to tell us every single idea that he has about season two which is amazing – we all just sit around rapt with our chins on our hands listening to him like ‘Uhuh, uhuh.’

“And then [showrunner] Michael Green is the more sensible one who’s always like, ‘BUT it all could change, it could all change, and please don’t say anything!'”


American Gods season one is available on Amazon Prime now. A release date for season two has not been announced.