Coronation Street: Michael Rodwell is killed off – as evil Pat Phelan lets him die!

Actor Les Dennis's Corrie stint came to a chilling end in tonight's episodes


Evil Pat Phelan has sunk to new depths on tonight’s Coronation Street by letting Michael Rodwell die.


Michael (Les Dennis) was seen suffering a heart attack in the midst of a showdown with Pat (Connor McIntyre) after finally getting the evidence he needed to prove that the dodgy builder was planning on doing a runner.

Rather than call for an ambulance, Phelan decided to take back the fake passport that he intends to use to flee to Mexico before calmly comparing Michael to a rabbit that he once shot with an air gun.

After Phelan walked away, Corrie fans were given hope that Michael would be found alive after Gary Windass arrived on the scene to ask questions about his whereabouts. But, in a tragic development, Gary failed to hear an ailing Michael’s whispered pleas for help.

This evening’s double bill ended with the sight of Michael lying dead on the ground as a callous Phelan silently crossed himself and left the scene.

Speaking about how Michael’s demiseh will affect the Platts, Les Dennis said tonight: “Michael’s death is going to be another devastation – there has been Callum and Kylie and now Gail has lost husband number six. So that has a massive fall out for the family. I think that she will be devastated.

“Gail really did believe that she had found true love with Michael and Michael was the good guy that she needed, but he was taken from her. Another Gail warning unheeded!”

On the topic of his exit, Dennis added: “At least I didn’t die in an armchair – I didn’t go off in a taxi, it’s an amazing finish and working with Connor McIntyre, the villain that all viewers love to hate, has been incredible.”

As for what happens next, upcoming episodes of Coronation Street will see the tables turned on Phelan, but not in the way that viewers might expect.

Monday’s episode of the ITV soap finds Phelan discovering that partner in crime Vinny has himself fled, clearing out their business account in the process.

But after heading to the airport himself – fake passport at the ready – Phelan hesitates when he gets to the check-in desk. Will he do a runner or stay and face the music?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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