This detailed explanation of how time travel works in Game of Thrones is definitely worth watching

Bran meets Doctor Who? It's way more complicated than that


Before Game of Thrones season six began, Bran actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright said that his character was “like Doctor Who”. But, as we’re slowly starting to realise, it’s way more complicated than that.


From Bootstrap Paradoxes (click on that, it’s great) to plain old arguments about how “dry” the ink really is on the past, Bran’s journeys with the Three-Eyed Raven prove that going back and forth through time becomes awfully tricky to get your head round.

Which is where this awfully useful video explaining how time travel works in Game of Thrones comes in. Created by Vox, the short rushes us through a brief history of time travel in film and TV before getting into the actual physics of Bran and Hodor’s painful messing with the space time continuum.


So, how important is Bran’s influence on the history of Westeros? Great big spoilers follow obviously, but if you can stick with it, you will reap the benefits.