Game of Thrones season 6 episode 4 – as it happened

Is a Stark family reunion on the cards? Does Littlefinger have a new master plan? And will Dany escape her captors? Join us for our 2am live blog to find out...


And we’re back! Like every member of the Stark family, here at we’re gluttons for punishment and so we’re off again for another Game of Thrones 2am live blog.


We’ll be following along with every twist and turn (and grisly death) alongside US viewers and brave UK souls staying up to watch on Sky Atlantic, kicking off the commentary at 11.50pm before the new episode airs in the wee hours of the morning. See you then!

This live blog is now concluded

03.30: Still, it’s a week we have to wait – so for now, that’s it from me for tonight. Thanks again for another fun live blog all, it’s a pleasure and a privilege as always.

My sum up of this week is – Meereen still boring, Dany a bit more interesting and an amazing Stark family reunion. If anyone want to see me keep blathering on for a bit, I’ll be on my Twitter at, where the production values are much worse.

Hopefully you all have much better weeks than your average Westeros citizen over the coming days. Goodnight!

03.26: Ugh this is so me right now. If only Game of Thrones was a Netflix series…

03.22: This is an excellent point.

“Well hello character we haven’t seen for a few series….SURPRISE STAB!!!”

Literally every episode so far…

03.21: Nice little comparison of Dany’s two burning moments here.

03.19: The trailer for next week’s episode is here, and it looks like Bran is invading a zombie party and having his personal space invaded by icy Darth Maul. That’s no fun for anyone.

03.16: Good to see Robin Arryn and Littlefinger again though. Feel like they might come to the rescue in a battle between Jon and Ramsay, playing the part of the eagles from Lord of the Rings (appropriately enough, considering the gift Littlefinger just got Robin, and the fact that the Arryn crest is an eagle).

03.15: Not sure what else to say about the Meereen plot except that I hope Dany gets back there soon, takes all her soldiers with her new Dothraki army and then heads straight to Westeros. I’m kinda done with Meereen.

03.12: Quite sad to see Osha go as well. Feels like a lot of “extra” characters are being cleaned up this season, which is a bit of a shame really. Also, weirdly considering it’s the first time I haven’t known what’s happening from the books, the storylines seem a little bit more predictable than they used to be.

03.10: In the spirit of fairness though, should say it was less affecting than literally any other Stark sibling with Jon, seeing as I don’t think we ever saw Sansa and Jon share any screen time before tonight’s episode.

03.08: Highlight for me was definitely the Jon/Sansa reunion, gotta say.

03.07: Did like the touch that even the “nice” Khal turned out to be a horrible rapist though. Feels like a slight backpedal from when the show romanticised fellow “nice rapist” Khal Drogo back in season one.

03.06: Don’t feel like that ending is quite as inspiring as that music suggested it was. But maybe that’s just me? Felt a bit unearned, she was barely in Vaes Dothrak at all.

03.05: OK, this is a definite callback to season one. Daenerys still got her magic not-burning powers. Handy for impressing horselords, eh?

03.04: Also, didn’t Viserys once say something about getting Dothraki horses to er, get intimate with Daenerys? Not sure if it’s a callback, but it’s certainly not a wise thing to say.

03.03: Remember what happened to the last guys to make rude comments about Daenerys? Don’t do it, mate.

03.01: Daenerys is so cool sometimes. Does this make Drogon (kind of her child) the Stallion who will mount the world?

02.59: This guy is no Khal Drogo, is he? But he tries, bless ‘im.


02.58: Yes, come on Sansa – persuade Jon! We all want this!

02.58: Ramsay does have a way with words, doesn’t he?

02.57: Oh, Ramsay is threatening Jon! This might be a mistake…

02.56: Does…does Tormund have the hots for Brienne?

02.56: Bet Natalie Tena is glad they pulled her back in after 3 series for that! Poor Tonks.

02.55: Oh damn! Osha is dead!

02.54: Also, this is an extremely unconvincing betrayal from Osha tbh.

02.53: Osha and Ramsay, sitting in a tree. F.L.A.Y.I.N.G.

02.52: They’ve both changed a bit since season 2, eh?


02.50: Hate seeing Yara and Theon fight. I hope those two crazy kids can…


02.49: Theon is back at the Iron Islands, looking rather less cocksure than his last visit.

Ooooh – too soon?

02.48: Then again, I might be overthinking this. Who doesn’t like a bit of backstory?

02.46: This episode is going very quickly – also looks like there’ll be no Bran flashbacks this week, which is a shame. Though I am starting to wonder if it’s a good sign that the parts of the story we’re most enjoying are cut out of the main plot pretty much altogether. Hmm…

02.45: Ooh, lovely bit of Rains of Castamere playing there. I kind of like Kevan Lannister (played by Ian Gelder all the way since season one), hope he gets more to do as time goes on. See a bit more of him here than you do in the books by this point.

02.43: Tommen is so ineffectual, it almost makes you nostalgic for the days of Joffrey.


02.41: In fairness Tommen, Cersei is a pretty standard mother-in-law if she doesn’t like your wife. Based on what I’ve heard from 1960s comedians, anyway.

02.38: First Jon and Sansa, now Maergery and Loras – lot of brother/sister reunions tonight. Also, considering Loras’ actor Finn Jones has just been cast as Iron Fist in a Marvel Netflix series, I’m betting the future isn’t too rosy (geddit?) for the Knight of Flowers.

02.37: We’ve all had bad hangovers mate, people don’t normally start a mad death cult.

02.36: Sparrow “throwing some shade” at Septa Unella, as the kids say.

02.35: So the High Sparrow is giving his backstory. He made posh shoes!

02.32: Based on Twitter, we are slightly behind here in the UK – only just got to Maergery, whereas US viewers saw her a couple minutes ago. Interesting…

02.31: Oh cool, Daenerys is enjoying her book group.

02.28: Someone’s been at Jorah with the PhotoShop filters.


02.26: Ahahaha! Daario is such a bro. Also, Jorah isn’t that old? #stoptheageism

02.25: Important questions.

02.23: Also can’t help but feel like Tyrion might be making a mistake here. He doesn’t know the culture all that well, after all.


02.20: God, does anyone care about Meereen? Like, these scenes have been OK but it just all feels a bit irrelevant. Go to Westeros, guys!

02.17: Tyrion can do politics – this seven-year withdrawal sounds like something that would be pitched today.

02.15: You know, I hate to say it, but I get the impression that these slavers aren’t very nice people.

02.14: What is it with Westeros and having mad little kids in charge?

02.12: Littlefinger’s plan for Sansa etc is very confusing. It seemed intricate, but then it just sort of…


…get it? Because his name is Petyr Baelish. Eh?

02.11: Oh Robin Arryn, never change.

02.10: Sick burn from Ser Davos. Also, this chat between Brienne and Davos is super awks. He’s nice, Brienne!

02.08: Nice that Jon filled Sansa in on his series arc so far. Also love his Stark gear, where was he keeping that all this time? He wasn’t wearing it when he travelled to the Wall back in season one…

02.06: They’ve both changed a lot since they last saw each other. Guess you could call that a…


02.05: YESSSS we’re getting a Stark reunion, YESSS. Sansa and Jon are back together!

02.04: Kind of a dick move if Jon takes the only White Walker-killing sword with him when he goes on his gap year.

02.02: Yes, we’re back! Bit later than usual for some reason, but there’s that familiar music!

01.59: Everyone got their death scorecards ready? My pen is hovering over Rickon, not gonna lie.


01.56: Cheer up, Jon – not long until the episode starts!

01.48: Just over 10 minutes! This week’s episode, btw, is called Book of the Stranger – almost definitely a reference to Westeros’ main religion, the Faith of the Seven (where the Stranger is one of 7 aspects of one god, kind of like a super-charged holy trinity).

It could mean that this week’s episode is big on the High Sparrow and his extremist Faith Militant followers, or it could be something more sinister – the Stranger is the face of god that deals with death, after all…

01.43: Full list of Nicolas Cage mashups here. Honourable mention also goes to these horrors.


01.41: Forgot to say, one of our readers (aka my friend Myles) sent me an article where every Game of Thrones character is turned into Nicolas Cage (or Nicolas Cage is turned into every Game of Thrones character, depending on your philosophical bent. Think this is probably my favourite.


01.25: Just over half an hour to go! Don’t think Bran is in this episode sadly, otherwise I’d be hoping for some more badass flashbacks like last week. Good times.


01.11: Weirdly, despite all the horrors this series has heaped upon the characters, I can’t help but feel like things are looking up. Sansa escaped, Jon’s alive again, and now they might be about to meet. Could this be the resurgence of House Stark that we’ve all been waiting for?

In other words, before episode 1 of this series I prepared for every episode like this:


But now I’m more like this:


Now that’s what I call character development.

01.00: Still, only an hour to wait now. In celebration, here’s some timely real-world advice from Braavos.

00.54: God, the waiting for episodes feels longer every week. Bring on the Thrones, world!

00.45: While we’re waiting, here’s a fun little Game of Thrones nugget from the weekend – the day that Kit Harington revealed his Jon Snow secret (spoiler alert – he’s alive) to get out of a speeding ticket.


Guess he knows some things after all…

00.37: Same mate, same.

00.30: Speaking of Rickon, how convinced is everybody that he’s actually been betrayed by the Umbers? We’ve been doing a bit of investigating, and we reckon it could be part of an elaborate conspiracy (with another family called the Manderlys) to stab Ramsay Bolton in the back at the last moment. After all, wasn’t the head of Rickon’s murdered direwolf Shaggydog a little too small?

Alternatively, we all need a reality check. This is Game of Thrones, after all – happy endings are in short supply.

00.05: Also, this happened. Still praying for Shaggydog to pull through.

00.02: Still, (little) fingers crossed, things might be looking up for Sansa in other ways this week. Bound for the wall to find Jon Snow, this could be the first Stark family reunion we’ve seen in…well, absolutely ages, really.

Ah, remember those happy days when there was SLIGHTLY less death? Here’s hoping we can recreate a little bit of that familial bliss this week – unless of course the showrunners give us another near miss and Jon’s already gone by the time Sansa gets to him. That would be just typical.

11.56: And of course, this week sees the return of Aidan Gillen’s arch-schemer Littlefinger, last seen in season 5 setting up the mother of all terrible marriages for Sansa Stark and absent from our screens for about the last six episodes (including some last year).

According to Gillen in an interview this week, Littlefinger genuinely didn’t know about Ramsay’s nasty ways, and this was a rare moment of ignorance from the Machiavellian lord. Hmm. Sounds plausible…

11.50: Welcome to the fourth liveblog, beaming to you straight from the stony crypts of Winterfell (aka my unheated living room, which has only marginally better Wi-fi). If you’re new here, my name’s Huw and over the next couple of hours we’ll be chatting all things Game of Thrones until 2am GMT, when the latest episode of the HBO smash-hit drama drops and we’ll just be panically (that might be a real word) reacting to whatever we see onscreen.


Will Rickon become the latest victim of Ramsay’s “games”? Will Daenerys get to leave her weird horse-widow club? And will the showrunners stab us all in the emotions again by making Jon and Sansa JUST miss out on a family reunion? Stick with us for the next few hours, and we’ll all find out…