New Game of Thrones series six teasers hint at revolution, war and a fallen Khaleesi

We know NOTHING - because there aren't any books left...


Game of Thrones series 6 is edging ever closer and since they dropped that massive Jon Snow poster HBO has been teasing us mercilessly about what’s to come so it’s little wonder they decided to go one step further on Twitter.


The network encouraged fans to tweet their support for their favourite families and rewarded them with teaser videos, hinting at their clan’s fate in the upcoming sixth outing.

House Stark looks as if it’s going to be as happy as ever, with Ramsay Bolton laying claim to Winterfell at the expense of an unknown opponent.

Could it be Jon Snow? Could he be alive? Or could Sansa have survived that fall from the wall to suffer another day at her husband’s hands?

Meanwhile, House Lannister appears to face the threat of revolution as the High Sparrow reminds us that even the smallest of people can come together to take down an empire.

And finally, poor old Khaleesi Daenerys doesn’t seem to be having an easy time of it either.

Will someone EVER give the poor Mother of Dragons a break?

Oh wait. No they won’t. It’s Game of Thrones, after all.


Game of Thrones series 6 will air on Monday 25th April at 9pm on Sky Atlantic