The Mountain from Game of Thrones just set another world record

Hafþór Björnsson can add a record-breaking keg toss to his growing collection


Not content with starring on Game of Thrones and breaking a 1,000 year-old weightlifting record earlier this year, Hafþór Björnsson is adding to his collection. The actor, who plays Ser Gregor Clegane (aka “The Mountain”) on the hit TV series, added another world first to his collection yesterday while competing at Giants Live in Sweden. 


How, you ask? He tossed a 33lb (15kg) keg 7.05 metres into the air. That’s the equivalent to throwing a 4-year-old over three buses stacked on top of one another. 

Apparently Thor – as he’s aptly known to his fans – could have gone even higher. “It was easy! I could have broken the roof.” 

It’s perhaps not surprising that in addition to his new record, Thor scooped first place in the competition. Here’s a nice snap of him on the podium:

The Thrones actor made headlines earlier this year when he broke a 1,000 year-old weightlifting record by taking five steps while carrying a 1,433lb (650kg) log, a feat which won him the well-earned title of World’s Strongest Viking.

To add to that, at the Arnold Sports Festival in March he set another record-breaking mark by hurling a 56lb kettle bell 19 feet and three inches into the air with one hand.


Now please excuse us while we go and pump some iron.