Paul Hollywood’s on a roll as he travels the world for new TV series

It’s the Great Everywhere Bake Off, really – and we’re sure he’ll rise to the occasion

Paul Hollywood’s leaving the cosy confines of the Bake Off tent for a brand-new TV series where he’ll travel the world to test out traditional local recipes and presumably look stern at people who aren’t even competing for his approval. 


Every episode of Paul Hollywood’s City Bakes will see the bearded baker hit up a different place to learn their doughy tricks, with trips planned including Madrid, Munich, Miami, Warsaw, London, Naples, St Petersburg, New York, Paris and Copenhagen.

“Food culture can reveal so much about a nation so it’s a privilege to be able to delve into the lives of fellow bakers and discover some really amazing international bakes,” he said of the Food Network programme, but we know the real truth – he wanted to escape from Mel and Sue’s saucy puns, and fleeing the country seemed like the best way to do it.

Sometimes you just knead a break from crumby jokes, and a baker’s gotta make some dough and earn a crust somehow, right? It’s the very yeast Paul can expect, and if muffin else we owe him that.

Thanks Paul – we were worried that one or two of those might have gone a-rye.


Paul Hollywood’s City Bakes will air on the Food Network in April 2016