Idris Elba faces his worst nightmare while drag racing: “They were all laughing at me, it was heartbreaking”

The Luther star was left a little red-faced when his car failed to start while filming his Discovery show No Limits

We think it’s fair to say that actor, DJ, producer and thrill seeker Idris Elba is a pretty cool guy. But the 42-year-old was left looking a little embarrassed during filming for his Discovery show No Limits.


There he was ready to drag race (which – for the uninitiated – is when cars, usually two at a time, compete on a short, straight course) and his car failed to start.

“This is my worst nightmare. I messed up the burnout and now my car isn’t warmed up properly,” says Elba in this exclusive clip, going on to reveal that his mishap didn’t go unnoticed… 

“They were all laughing at me in the stands. It was heartbreaking,” he said, adding that the crowds had worried him beforehand: “I kept thinking about how there was going to be a lot of crowd there.”

Once his error had been sorted out, Elba turned his fortunes around and managed to impress the waiting spectators by beating his rival. 

“My fastest reaction time yet has got me though to the second round and semi-final,” he says.

This isn’t the only time Elba has excelled at his chosen challenge while filming No Limits. The Luther star also breaks an 88-year-old land speed record in an upcoming episode. 


Watch the rest of the Idris Elba: No Limits episode on Monday at 9:00pm on Discovery Channel 

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