Hairy Bikers to send OAPs back to school

Dave Myers and Si King hope that old and young pupils alike will benefit from their new series Old School


The Hairy Bikers are heading back to school in September, and taking a class of pensioners with them.


Dave Myers and Si King’s next series will see up to 30 retirees enrolled in a yet to be named secondary school, and aims to tackle loneliness and foster understanding between the generations. 

Old School is inspired by schemes in the US and Japan where pensioners and children are brought together with mutually beneficial results, as well as Dave Myers and Si King’s personal experiences caring for elderly parents. If the experiment is successful, it could be come a regular scheme in the school and elsewhere.

The BBC said: “They want to address what can be done to support elderly people who feel isolated and lonely and make them feel more valued in society. With more than half of over-75s living alone this is not just desperately sad but has a real impact on public health as there are proven links between loneliness and poor health.”

The series is one of a raft of new BBC2 programmes announced today, including a panel show hosted by Brian Cox, an a capella choir contest from Gareth Malone, and a new cookery show fronted by Nigella Lawson.


This isn’t the first time the freewheeling cooks have diversified into do-gooding. In 2011, they campaigned to save local meals on wheels services around the UK.