Is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange?

Rumours have emerged that the Sherlock star is in the running for the Marvel Comics superhero movie

It looks like Benedict Cumberbatch might just be a superhero.


Rumours of who’s going to play Marvel Comics’ comic-book sorcerer Doctor Strange in his upcoming film have been circling for a while, with Joaquin Phoenix and Tom Hardy apparently among the actors in contention – but one name that’s kept popping up again and again is Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch. You might have heard of him.

Many had ruled him out from starring in the comic book movie, but recent reports suggest he might be back in the running in a big way.The Imitation Game star is Marvel’s prime choice for the role of surgeon-turned mystic Stephen Strange according to Deadline, with negotiations soon to begin.

While this is just a rumour at this time, cryptic tweets from Marvel’s Executive Editorial Director Ryan Penagos suggest that the huge online reaction is not unexpected, and might indicate some truth to the rumours. Here’s hoping for a big announcement soon…

Created by Spider-man creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in the 1960s, Marvel’s Doctor Strange was an arrogant surgeon who turned to mysticism after an accident ruined his hands, eventually becoming Earth’s official “Sorceror Supreme” and protector from magical threats.


Doctor Strange will be directed by Scott Derrickson, with Marvel’s Kevin Feige on producing duties. More news on casting as and when it’s announced.