David Attenborough’s secret to a long and successful career? Having a good time…

The 88-year-old naturalist reveals that he still "having a ball"

David Attenborough is still working hard at 88. So is there a reason he has enjoyed such a long and successful career and is showing no sign of slowing down?


“I don’t think I am working, I am just having a good time,” he tells RadioTimes.com.

“If you are interested in the natural world and you are given the sort of privileged access you get from working on things like this, well you are having a ball and having a great time and most of the viewers understand that.

“I meet people who tell me ‘we are going to take our life savings and go to the Galapagos because of what we have seen’. Well they are right, it is a great place. But I didn’t spend my life’s saving I was paid to go there. What great fortune.”

As RadioTimes.com revealed earlier this month, Attenborough is heading off to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to film his next landmark nature series for BBC1.

The presenter, who first filmed the Queensland wonder for the BBC programme Zoo Quest in 1957, said of the series: “People say to me, ‘what was the most magical thing you ever saw in your life?’…and I always say without a word of exaggeration, ‘the first time I was lucky enough to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef’”.


It looks like his luck is continuing.