Which TV or film teacher are you?

From Walter White to Mr Wickers and Mrs Krabappel - take our quiz to find out whether you're an inspiration or a disappointment to the screen teaching profession...


Now that Educating the East End is in full swing on Channel 4 (Thursdays 9pm), it seems like the perfect time to answer the question you’ve (probably) been asking yourself all your life… “Which TV or film teacher am I?”


Do you inspire young minds or do you cause more trouble than the kids? Are you a mysterious Walter White, a wise Dumbledore or a distasterous Mr Wickers? Do you love your subject as much as Ross Geller or are you bitter and bored like Mrs Krabappel?


Take our fiendish (and extremely important) personality quiz to find out which on-screen teacher you are and then- depending on the result- consider a career change!