BBC to retell Guy Fawkes story in drama documentary Gunpowder 5/11: The Greatest Terror Plot

The one-off film will look at accounts of Guy Fawkes’s attempts to blow up James I and his government in 1605


BBC2 has just given the green light to a new drama documentary about the 1605 Gunpowder plot, can reveal.


The one hour film, Gunpowder 5/11: The Greatest Terror Plot, will examine attempts by Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators to blow up James I and his government and Parliament in November 1605 and will use little known transcripts of the interrogations of the men.

“It is a total retelling which uses the interrogation of the number three, Thomas Winter, who gave away the whole story,” writer Adam Kemp told 

“We restage his interrogation which tells the whole story, we get inside the plot which was huge.”

In fact Kemp says that in terms of the impact on political stability of the nation, the 1605 conspiracy dwarfs even the 9/11 attacks on the US.

“They would have brought down the whole state which was the justices of the peace, the Lords, the Royal family, the entire elite. It was such a massive attack – there was nothing like it ever. They would have got everyone under one roof, the royal family and the entire governing elite and bishops. There is truly nothing that can come close. It really was big.

“Truly nothing can come close. In 9/11 you would need 600 planes landing on every state to get close.”


The BBC confirmed the commission but said that the drama elements had not yet been cast and it had not yet got a transmission date.