The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson: You see a lot more of Peeta in Catching Fire

"His relationship with Katniss is developing," the Catching Fire star told us at last night's London premiere

If you thought the first Hunger Games film was intense, just wait until you see Catching Fire.


The second film in the franchise sees the relationship between Peeta and Katniss broadcast around the whole of Panem as revolutions spark in the districts. Plus a Hunger Games more brutal than ever before…

We caught up with Josh Hutcherson, the actor who plays Peeta Mellark, at the world premiere in Leicester Square last night.

“In this movie you really get to see a lot more of Peeta. You see a lot more of how he is developing as a person, how his relationship with Katniss is developing. And for me it’s great. It’s great to have more to show people what it’s all about.”

The relationship between Peeta and Katniss gets even more complicated in this movie. Was it difficult to share Jennifer Lawrence with Liam Hemsworth this time around?

“No it’s alright. I’ll share her. It’s not easy but I’ll share her…” 

His role as one of Katniss’ love interests has sparked a dedicated fan following, who are all desperate to get their hands on Peeta Mellark – “Some marriage proposals, or asking me to propose to them. Or asking me to go to prom,” revealed Hutcherson. 

So will he be taking up any of the offers?

“Now that I’m 21 I think it would be really weird for me to go to a prom, so probably not! I’ve missed my chance.”

Sorry, girls! 

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is in UK cinemas 21 November