Natural World: 11 pictures of “superstar” Meerkats to start your weekend

See some stunning shots from David Attenborough's documentary where he comperes the meerkat story, bringing us the science behind the fluff


Tonight’s episode of Natural World sounds like it’s going all rock star on us, with the rather jazzy title: ‘Meerkats: Secrets of an animal superstar’.


The calming voice of David Attenborough guides us through, as a group of PhD students and professors learn more about the meerkats’ way of life.

But before we get to the actual science (they aren’t just cute, fluffy and the star of TV commercials after all) we’re indulging in just how ruddy cool they are… 

See Natural World tonight at 9:00pm on BBC2

Pictures courtesy of Jack’s Camp, Botswana, Uncharted Africa.