Are you a young British man from the Midlands? Then you’re probably a liar…

Channel 4's new series Eye Spy has uncovered the truth about Britain's most dishonest people...

Are you a young British male from the Midlands? Or are you just saying you are….?


According to Channel 4’s new series Eye Spy, young men who live in the Midlands are amongst the UK’s most prolific liars.

The show’s Dishonest Report has uncovered that British men lie more than their female counterparts (We knew that already didn’t we?!)

Though, sadly, it’s not just the men who have a habit of telling porkies. Male or female, if you’re aged between 24 and 34 you fall into the most crafty and crooked category. Apparently us lot tell the most lies, with over SEVEN a day. (That really can’t be true. I haven’t told any lies yet today. Okay, maybe that was one.)

And if you live in Coventry and Birmingham you are even more likely to be a big fat fibber. Along with London, they make up the UK’s three most dishonest cities.

But it’s not all bad news. Us Brits aren’t all swindlers and fabricators…

People living in Wrexham, Aberdeen and Bristol are mainly honest folk. And if you’re over 55 too you can count yourself among the most truthful people in Britain.


Eye Spy tests the morality of the British population by using hidden cameras to recording how they cope with certain dilemmas. The series starts on Thursday at 10:00pm on Channel 4.