Alan Titchmarsh, Anne Robinson and sexism on TV – what do you think?

The Love Your Garden front man recently said women should stop "whingeing" about sexism on TV - but what do you think?


Alan Titchmarsh has been outspoken of late. The 64-year-old gardener and TV presenter has recently said people should stop “whingeing” about the lack of older women in the media.


Speaking to The Observer, Titchmarsh said: “Men in television tend to last a bit longer at the end of their careers, but it is women who make hay at the beginning. They don’t complain in their early days when they are disporting themselves on sports cars. I’d like to see a mix of all ages on TV and wish there could be less whingeing about it.”

The green-fingered gardener isn’t the only person to recently share their opinion on sexism in TV land… Last month Queen of Mean Anne Robinson said that if women want to keep their jobs on television, they need to care about their appearance and lose weight. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph she said she ‘can’t stand whingeing’ and that ‘life isn’t fair’ when it comes to maintaining a career in the media.

Robinson, who is open about the various procedures undertaken to preserve a more youthful appearance, added: “Television is about pretty pictures, if you want to keep your job on telly, lose a stone and get a makeover, it’s as simple as that… Haven’t you noticed how much better Miriam O’Reilly and Arlene Phillips are looking since they were bumped? If they’d taken that much care of their appearance in the first place they would probably still be in a job.”

But whoever is fighting his corner with him, Titchmarsh’s comments have caused something of a debate, with former Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly joining the argument…

“We have to speak out about what is going on now in TV,” she said. “I think that a lot of people are getting the message that TV treats older women unfairly, but we have to keep saying it, we have to keep pushing at the door… We are not whingeing… We are protesting, we are campaigning for change.”


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