Stephen Fry documentary to explore gay rights around the world

Two-part BBC2 series sees Fry contemplating his own experience as a gay man in the spotlight


Stephen Fry is to front a two-part documentary exploring gay rights around the world, while giving an insight into his own experiences.


Stephen Fry – Out There (the current working title) will see Fry travel through North and South America, Africa, Asia and Russia, meeting people working hard to overcome prejudices, as well as confronting government officials and community leaders who strongly oppose gay rights.

The documentary will hit screens later this year and will provide an insight into Fry’s life as a gay celebrity in the spotlight.

Fry’s documentary has already hit headlines, as sources from BBC2 confirmed that it was while filming the show that Fry attempted to commit suicide.

The channel has however confirmed that the show will go ahead, and that filming is yet to finish. 

The new Fry show comes amid a statement from BBC2 in which they pledge a continued commitment to producing documentaries. Plus, more shows that feed Britain’s appetite for films about all aspects of real life.

BBC2 counts programmes such as The Great British Bake Off, Inside Claridges, The Choir and Keeping Britain Alive amongst its recent triumphs.


Charlotte Moore, Commissioning Editor for Documentaries, said: “We live in astonishing times and the mission is clear – we want the very best filmmakers to find and tell stories that will illuminate, provoke and reveal modern Britain in all its staggering variety.