Channel 4 starts search for real-life superheroes

Simon Farnaby is going on a world-wide hunt for humans with extraordinary powers


Forget Superman, Spiderman and Batman…


Channel 4 are on the hunt for real-life superheroes. And not the sort who wear their pants over their trousers.

A new series from the broadcaster will see Simon Farnaby, who fronted recent documentary The King Under the Car Park, embark on a worldwide hunt for people who have extraordinary abilities.

Farnaby, who admits that his childhood dream was coming face-to-face with a superhero (face-to-face? We all wanted to be one!), will journey from Croatia to China, Bali to Bucharest, all the in name of seeking out men, women and children who believe they possess superhuman powers. (The stress could be on the word ‘believe’ here…)

Witnessing death defying stunts and feats of extreme human endurance, the three-part series will ask whether there really are people out there with skills science simply can’t explain.


Miracle Hunter (w/t) will air on Channel 4 in the autumn.