The Twitter guide to Dogging Tales

A selection from the 118,000 tweets about the Channel 4 documentary, to tell you what you missed or help you relive the magic all over again...

Last night’s Dogging Tales on Channel 4 gave many people their first taste of the practice (that’s their story and they’re sticking to it). It made anonymous stars of its animal-mask-wearing subjects and gave Lynx body spray some free publicity when one dogger told us “You can’t beat it” for a night out.


The surprise ratings hit, watched by almost 2 million viewers, was also a Twitter sensation, with 118,000 posts making it the channel’s most tweeted about programme of 2013.

So we’ve harnessed the wisdom of Twitter to provide a handy guide to the programme. If you didn’t watch it, you’ll feel like you did (for better or worse), and if you did, you’ll get to relive the magic all over again…

What is it?

#doggingtales with the animal masks and regional accents reminds me of the old Creature Comforts program – @laurakateo

#DoggingTales – the Channel 4 version of Springwatch – @ashTV

This is Britain’s Blair Witch Project #DoggingTales – @Jonesvision

Who’s involved?

about to watch #doggingtales – hope they’ve pixellated my face like they said – @AlanCarr

The #doggingtales tweets are making me feel homesick – @jennyeclair

Deer mask. Hung out in forests. Was Herne the Hunter just an ancient dogger…? #DoggingTales – @Jonesvision

Melancholy owl man. Like Beckett meets Pipkins #doggingtales – ‏@Willandthat

Help and advice

For a fully immersive viewing experience, try watching C4’s #doggingtales in your pants on your iPhone in the driveway with a passer by – @timglanfield

I would hold out until the guy with the elephant mask turns up #doggingtales – @ur_venus

Wish the night vision filming was a bit clearer. I can’t see the wood for the trees #doggingtales ‏@KaggieH

There is not enough Viagra in the galaxy to make that seem like fun. #doggingtales ‏@Cod_Rob

Anyone know of any readily available household drugs that send you off to sleep with NO CHANCE OF DREAMS? #DoggingTales – @Jonesvision

What’s next?

Fast forward to June. Channel 5. Meet your new Big Brother housemates . . #doggingtales – @peterdyke

‘Crisis meetings’ all morning thanks to Les in #DoggingTales last night… We’ve concluded there is no crisis  –