Paul O’Grady: We’re definitely doing a second series of For The Love of Dogs

Speaking backstage at last night's NTAs, the 57-year-old star reveals why he loved filming his canine show and how he's got room to adopt another furry friend

Paul O’Grady’s documentary about Battersea Dogs Home bagged an award in the factual entertainment category at last night’s NTAs.


The show beat The Great British Bake Off, The Apprentice and Top Gear to the top prize. But did he expect the documentary to be such a success? 

“No, I was playing! I was only supposed to do six days, I did six months in the end,” Paul told backstage after accepting his award. “They couldn’t keep me out… I loved every minute of it.”

For a canine lover, it must have been hard to leave the dogs behind at the end of the day?

“I was like Cruella de Vil! I’d go in and say, ‘Puppies! I’ll take the lot’,” said Paul. “I’ve got four dogs as it is but I think there’s probably room for a couple more…”

And will TV viewers be treated to another series? 

“Definitely,” revealed the 57-year-old star. “We’re going to do a second series. It just amazed me how people took to it.” 


Watch our exclusive video below: