Disney Plus has finally arrived on UK shores, and of course one of the first originals on the service is yet another remake of an animated classic.


This time it's Lady and the Tramp receiving the live-action treatment - yet has foregone the chance to shoot in Paris like the original in favour of setting the romance in the Big Easy itself, New Orleans.

However, after all this fuss Lady and the Tramp didn't film in New Orleans anyway- read on to find out more...

Where was Lady and the Tramp filmed?

Despite being set in New Orleans, the Disney Plus Lady and the Tramp remake actually filmed in Savannah, Georgia. The city is no stranger to Hollywood productions, having recently been the backdrop for Gemini Man and Le Mans '66.

The film made use of some of Savannah's most iconic landmarks, several of which you can go and visit.

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Though we'll warn you now - the iconic Spaghetti kiss scene was shot on a soundstage, and not on location in Georgia...

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Wright Square

Lady and the Tramp Filming Locations

Named after the third governor of Georgia, Wright Square was adorned with horse-drawn carriages and period cars to match the 1920s setting of the film.

Johnson Square

Lady and the Tramp filming locations

Named after Robert Johnson, former governor of South Carolina, Johnson Square was used for Tramp's daring sandwich heist. You can see the Savannah City Hall in the background with its iconic gold dome.

The Cathedral of St. John's the Baptist

Lady and the Tramp filming locations

French Catholic émigrés established Savannah’s first parish after fleeing the Haitian Revolution, and built the Cathedral of St. John's the Baptist in the late 19th Century. Though visible in the distance here, the cathedral is best seen in the opening scene shown being opposite Darling and Jim's house.

Georgia State Railroad Museum

Lady and the Tramp filming locations

Featuring the most complete antebellum railroad of its kind in the world, The Georgia State Railroad Museum was used for a number of scenes, including Tramp causing chaos amongst the workers after waking up at the beginning of the film.

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