The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl

Tom Hooper (2015)

15 Certificate


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The story of how Danish landscape painter Einar Wegener became a woman named Lili Elbe is the focus of this tasteful, no doubt sanitised yet emotionally powerful biopic from Tom Hooper Les Misérables. Eddie Redayne gets top billing as Wegener, but the story is more focused on his artist wife, Gerda, played by Alicia Vikander. It begins innocently in 1920s Copenhagen, with Gerda asking her husband to pose in women's stockings to enable her to finish a portrait she is painting. Wegener is intrigued and begins to experiment with cross-dressing, giving his female alter ego a whole new name and identity. Gerda encourages him, and, though the transition is painful for her, the artist becomes inspired, causing a storm in the art world with her paintings of this mysterious muse. But how far is Wegener prepared to go? The facts might be moot, but Vikander is sensational in that rarest of things: a love story about a woman who finds her inner strength while letting go.


Artist Gerda Wegener unveils a portrait of her husband Einar dressed as a woman in 1920s Copenhagen. Einar realises that the woman in the painting is his true identity, and decides to become one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Period drama based on David Ebershoff's novel inspired by the true story of artist Lili Elbe, starring Eddie Redmayne and an Oscar-winning Alicia Vikander.

Cast & Crew

Einar Wegener / Lili Elbe Eddie Redmayne
Gerda Wegener Alicia Vikander
Henrik Ben Whishaw
Warnekros Sebastian Koch
Ulla Amber Heard
Hans Matthias Schoenaerts
Elsa Emerald Fennell
Niels Henry Pettigrew
Fonnesbech Richard Dixon
Dr Hexler Pip Torrens
Rasmussen Adrian Schiller
Director Tom Hooper
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UniversalGuidance: Sex scenes.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 1 Jan 2016