Léo Joannon (1950)

U Certificate


Our Score
Sadly, Laurel and Hardy's last film, unavailable for many years, is as mediocre as we had been led to believe - not badly made, just ill-conceived and dull. The boys are shipwrecked on an atoll while en route to a desert island, after which most of the action focuses on Suzy Delair, who is fleeing a jealous boyfriend. Stan and Ollie become supporting players in an increasingly bizarre tale involving the discovery of uranium. Communication problems between the largely French and Italian cast and crew, and a long suspension of shooting, caused by Stan's illness, clearly took their toll. Stan looks shockingly frail, barely able to keep going. A solemn duty for diehard fans.

Cast & Crew

Stanley Stan Laurel
Oliver Oliver Hardy
Cherie Lamour Suzy Delair
Antoine Max Elloy
Alecto M Dalmatoff
Giovanni Copini Adriano Rimoldi
Director Léo Joannon
Director John Berry
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Other Information

Language: French dubbedBlack and whiteAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray