Daniel Radcliffe is a prickly character in more ways than one in his latest film Horns, which sees him literally growing a pair of curly horns out of his head. 

Radcliffe plays Ig Perrish in the supernatural thriller, a young American accused of killing his girlfriend Merrin Wililams (played by Juno Temple).

"When they looked at me they saw a devil," Radcliffe says menacingly in the trailer. "Now I have to look the part." 

The film is an adaptation of the romantic horror novel by Joe Hill. The trailer also sees him playing with snakes (maybe Harry should have been a Slytherin after all?), setting fire to a bar and scaring a poor old priest.

The trailer also comes with the first UK poster with Radcliffe and his co-star Temple in a devilish embrace.

Horns film poster starring Daniel Radcliffe

Horns is released in UK cinemas on 29 October 2014