Director Steven Knight’s thriller Locke was quite the leap into the unknown, with the entire film focused on one man in his car.

Tom Hardy plays the title role of Ivan Locke, a construction foreman caught in emotional turmoil as he abandons his family and important work commitments to see his illegitimate child be born.

The camera stays with Hardy for almost the entire film in this real-time thriller. But various angst-ridden calls from big-name stars including Olivia Colman (Broadchurch), Andrew Scott (Sherlock) and Ruth Wilson (Luther) ensure the action spreads far outside the confines of his vehicle.

The supporting cast had to spend six nights together, ready and waiting all night to call in live to Hardy from a hotel conference room. There were microphones, fake props and even a glass of wine or two to keep them occupied.

Here, in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, see how the stars coped with the unusual set-up: