Sherlock and Dr John Watson drunk - in pictures

The game is... something! How to have a messy stag do and be home before closing according to Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson

Sherlock and Dr John Watson drunk - in pictures
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Tonight the second episode of Sherlock's third series, The Sign of Three, gets another airing, which sees Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson embark on a boozy night out in honour of John’s stag do.

From maps, measuring cylinders and graphs to prison, games and falling asleep on the stairs of 221b Baker Street, here’s your guide to a pre-wedding party according to Sherlock and Watson… 

Keep track of what you drink. Fancy a pint? That's 443.7ml to be precise.

Stick to a schedule. 

Yeah, even loo breaks need to be accounted for.

If trying to stay at the lightheaded-and-not-urinating-in-a-wardrobe stage, this probably isn't advised.

Or this...

This will only lead to one thing...

OK, two things. An early night (two hours later to be exact) and a snooze on the stairs of your home.

Never mind. Keep the festivities going with a good old party game.

It'll inspire witty conversation. "Am I a vegetable?"

We won't even mention this...

If you head back out, pull faces to help you through the drunkenness. 

Sleep at every opportunity.

And anywhere...

Attempting to look dignified after throwing up on someone else's carpet is totally the right thing to do.

Just try not to end up in here.

Accept it. Eating the next day will be tough.

In fact, this is probably the way to go.

Enjoy the episode all over again tonight at 8:30pm on BBC1