2013: Moments in Time

Radio Times
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Emma Sturgess

When deluged with questions about kit, professional photographers often point out that the best camera is the one you have in your hand when you want to take a shot. As this look back over the most arresting images of the year so far demonstrates, that camera can often be part of a smartphone.

Ordinary people, who were going about their business when a news story unfolded in front of them, captured some of the year’s most dramatic stills.

Here, photographers, news editors and members of the public discuss the extraordinary, often devastating images of the London helicopter crash, Tasmanian bush fires and Boston Marathon bombing that were taken in this way. Whatever the flaws of citizen photojournalism, these pictures make better use of phone cameras than the selfie.

About this programme

From the helicopter crash in London in January, to the Bush fires in Tasmania and the Boston Marathon bombing, non-professionals took some of the most striking pictures of 2013. This documentary tells the story of 2013 told through images captured by members of the public, exploring how photography has changed in the age of smartphones and social media.

Cast and crew


Fatima Salaria
Executive Producer
Lucy Hetherington
Fatima Salaria

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