The Big Bang Theory's spin-off prequel series, Young Sheldon, is set to draw to a close in the US this week and while UK viewers continue to wait eagerly for the seventh and final season to land here, many may be left wondering where they can tune into the CBS sitcom.


It's sad news that the hit comedy series is drawing to a close after seven seasons, premiering back in 2017 and continuing to amass a loyal legion of fans who have enjoyed the continuation of the original show's legacy.

The prequel focuses on The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper as a child, played by Iain Armitage, and we've followed Cooper through the adolescence and his teenage years as he's navigated the ups and downs of growing up in small town Texas.

While fans of the series will undoubtedly be left wanting after the season wraps up, it's already been confirmed that another spin-off is in the works but this time round, will focus on Montana Jordan and Emily Osment's Georgie and Mandy.

The spin-off series will focus on Jordan and Osment's characters "as they raise their young family in Texas while navigating the challenges of adulthood, parenting and marriage", according to CBS.

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But where is Young Sheldon available to watch in the UK? Read on for the latest streaming information.

Is Young Sheldon on Netflix UK?

Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon holding up a map.
Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon. Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Young Sheldon was initially made available on Netflix in the UK on 1st November 2021, with five seasons in total available to watch.

Sadly, Young Sheldon seasons 6 and 7 are not available to watch on Netflix at this moment in time but, according to the streamer, a new season will be 'coming soon'.

The show was originally broadcast on CBS in the US and premiered on 25th September 2017, and is now in its seventh season, with episodes airing weekly and the anticipated finale due to air on Thursday 16th May.

In addition to airing live on Thursdays on CBS, the spin-off show can also be watched on-demand the day after the episode airs on Paramount Plus in the US.

The latest episodes can also be streamed on other US platforms including Amazon Prime Video, Fubo TV, DirecTV and Hulu TV.

Where can I watch Young Sheldon season 4 in the UK?

Sheldon sat at his desk with a letter in his hand
Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon.

Whether you don't have a Netflix account or simply just want to stay more updated with Young Sheldon than the streamer, seasons 1 to 6 are available to watch on the Channel 4 website.

Alternatively, you can watch Young Sheldon (seasons 1-6) in the UK through Prime Video – though the episodes aren’t included in your Prime subscription, meaning you’ll have to buy them instead.

Unfortunately, Big Bang Theory fans will have to wait a bit longer for the Young Sheldon season 7 UK release date.

What is Young Sheldon about?

Unlike the Big Bang Theory, which focuses on Sheldon Cooper’s adult life, Young Sheldon is geared around Cooper’s childhood as he tries to navigate daily life with his seemingly ordinary family in Texas.

Set around two decades before the beginning of The Big Bang Theory, the prequel begins with the 9-year-old child prodigy landing in high-school – and quickly struggling to fit in with his quirky personality and great intellect.

The comedy series comes courtesy of Warner Bros Television and stars Iain Armitage playing the younger version of Cooper. The cast also consists of Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Raegan Revord, Montana Jordan and Matt Hobby.

Jim Parsons, who stars as adult Cooper in the original show, has narrated the prequel from the very beginning.

Young Sheldon seasons 1-6 are available to watch now on Channel 4, with seasons 1-3 also available on Netflix.


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