It's nearly time to say goodbye to Sheldon Cooper once more as the The Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon, is nearly at the end of its final season in the US.


We know, there's nothing more infuriating than a series coming to a close on the other side of the globe, leaving us with some serious FOMO. But there's plenty to look forward to when it does eventually land in the UK, as we're set to close the chapter on Sheldon Cooper.

Making its debut in 2017, the series has followed Cooper as he grew up in his small hometown in Texas, struggling to fit in.

A spin-off the hugely successful The Big Bang Theory, the series has continued to dominate the TV comedy landscape with over 2.5 million viewers, according to CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kohl.

"The humour, warmth and heart exuded by the Cooper family is an undeniable hook for the millions of fans who tune in each week," she previously said in a statement.

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But it has since been announced that this isn't the last we'll see of the Sheldon-related universe, as there's set to be a sequel series all about Georgie and Mandy.

As the series reaches its end stateside, read on for everything you need to know about Young Sheldon season 7.

Young Sheldon season 7 release date: When will it air?

Young Sheldon returned to TV screens in the US on Thursday 15th February.

The strikes in the US previously delayed its original release, but now all is back on track. The finale is set to be released in the US on Thursday 16th May.

A UK release date has not been announced, but seasons 1 to 6 are all available to stream on Channel 4, and seasons 1 to 5 are also available to stream on Netflix UK.

Young Sheldon season 7 cast: Who's returning?

Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper and Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper. They are stood next to each other smiling with Zoe holding a directors board
Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper and Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper. Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Alongside Iain Armitage as Sheldon Lee Cooper, the cast includes:

  • Zoe Perry as Sheldon's mother Mary
  • Lance Barber as Sheldon's father George
  • Montana Jordan as Sheldon's older brother "Georgie"
  • Raegan Revord as Sheldon's twin sister "Missy"
  • Annie Potts as Sheldon's grandmother "Meemaw"
  • Emily Osment as Mandy, Georgie's girlfriend, among others

Young Sheldon season 7 plot: What will happen?

Details about what viewers can expect in the upcoming chapter are scarce, with producers of the show keeping tight-lipped about what fans can expect from the spin-off series.

In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Stever Holland confirmed that "larger events" that have shaped Sheldon's life will be honoured in the series.

"I don't want to say what you will or won’t see, but things will get addressed," Holland told the publication.

"We are not beholden to every joke that was ever made on The Big Bang Theory, but we do feel beholden to the larger canon and the larger events that shape Sheldon’s life. We want to honour those."

At the end of season 6, Sheldon headed off with Mary to spend the summer in Germany as part of his mission to make it to Caltech.

Back home, a tornado destroyed Meemaw's house, which prompted George to invite both her and Mandy to stay with them.

In big news, Mandy proposed to Georgie, with the latter borrowing money from Meemaw to purchase an engagement ring.

It remains to be seen if Sheldon and Missy can put their differences aside after the former informed their parents that his sister was sneaking out of the house late at night.

Young Sheldon season 7 trailer

A trailer for Young Sheldon season 7 was released during the Super Bowl, giving fans an insight into what to expect from the final season.

The first five seasons of Young Sheldon are available to stream now on Netflix and seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Channel 4.

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