Neighbours star Ryan Moloney has hinted at a time jump when the soap will return on Amazon Freevee for its hotly-anticipated revival.


The Aussie series bowed out with what was thought to be its very last episode last summer following its initial cancellation in February 2022. Last November, it was unexpectedly picked up by the Amazon streaming platform, which have also acquired rights for thousands of previous episodes.

Ahead of the new Neighbours starting production, it has been revealed that the Ramsey Street timeline will be fast forwarded in the new series. Moloney, who reprises the role of Toadie Rebecchi in the revival, has explained we may be looking at a time jump of a couple of years.

"They said they were thinking of maybe jumping ahead a couple of years but I don't know," he told the Sunday Post.

Moloney confirmed that Stefan Dennis, Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher will also return as Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy and Karl Kennedy respectively.

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"I don't even know who is coming back apart from Alan, Jackie, Stefan and myself. I suppose the exciting thing is while we're doing the tour, I expect scripts to begin landing in our inboxes, so it'll be, 'Guess what I read today? I can't tell you!'"

Toadie and Melanie marry in Neighbours finale
Toadie and Melanie got married in Neighbours finale Channel 5/Fremantle

Fans have plenty of time to guess who could be back to Erinsborough for the new batch of episodes as the revival won't air before the end of the year.

"We're meant to start filming in April and it'll go to air later in the year," Moloney said.

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