As Neighbours fans know all too well, Paul Robinson (played by Stefan Dennis) is not one to be messed with.


The villain has a good reason to be on the warpath, considering he's lost arguably the love of his life, Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou), to Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney).

According to one of the longest-running Neighbours stars, Jackie Woodburne (who plays Susan Kennedy), Paul could explode at any time.

Speaking exclusively to about the epic episode 1 twist, Woodburne said: "I've learned over many years that when you get a story that makes you go, 'Oh, what?', it invariably turns out to be a fabulous story that the fans love and viewers love. So when I heard it, I thought it's great, it's gold."

Alan Fletcher, who plays Karl Kennedy, added: "I remember I was in a meeting when they announced it to me. I was in the UK on Zoom and I let out an involuntary, "What?!" It was extraordinary."

Woodburne continued: "I think everyone did. I think the biggest "what!" came from Rebekah!

"It's unexpected, and the dynamic between those two is going to be incredible. Of course, then, what's happening to Paul Robinson? He's always an unexploded bomb. So that gives him so much freedom for so many stories now."

Nevertheless, it seems Karl and Susan will be fully supportive of Toadie and Terese's surprise romance.

"When we learn what's happened in those two years, it's so complex but so beautifully dovetailed into every character and backstory," Woodburne shared.

Fletcher added: "It's brilliant for us because our affection for Toadie runs very deep - he's like a son. So, for Karl and Susan, the most important thing is that Toadie is happy. So we support him and Terese wholeheartedly. Their love is so strong."

Woodburne added: "It's so tight, isn't it? I think it would take a lot to break them up at this point... but it's Neighbours, so who knows?"

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