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Kyle fights for his life after Neighbours horror plunge - Chris Milligan teases his future

There are huge consequences after a shock building site accident in Neighbours

Published: Wednesday, 26th June 2019 at 12:58 pm

The Neighbours love triangle between Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan), Amy Williams (Zoe Cramond) and Gary Canning (Damien Richardson) takes a huge twist when Kyle has an accident and is rushed to hospital, forcing the object of his affections to face her true feelings.


On Tuesday 25th June, Kyle and his dad Gary continue to work alongside each other to restore Karl Kennedy's vintage tram, but it's an uneasy alliance between the boys who are also in competition for Amy's heart. Feeling threatened by the presence of his fiancée's ex's superiority on the building site and wanting to prove he can compete with his younger, fitter offspring in every way, Gary cuts corners when assembling some scaffolding - only for it to give way when Kyle climbs it sending him tumbling to the ground.

Knocked unconscious, he's rushed to the wards on Wednesday 26th June but luckily wakes up and escapes with concussion and bruises - but the incident piques Amy's emotions as she realises how much she still cares for Kyle. With Gary admitting his negligence caused the accident, rivalry between father and son intensifies and Kyle contemplates leaving Erinsborough for good! spoke to Milligan about what's in store for Kyle, his old flame and his dad, a relationship that sounds like it's going to get even more complicated…


Does Kyle secretly think there's hope for him and Amy even though she's engaged to his dad?
I’m not sure he still think there’s hope, but he can’t help the way he feels. Kyle doesn’t want to have a fake relationship with his father or his future stepmum Amy. We try not to say 'stepmum' too much!

Is it awkward for Kyle and Gary to be working together on the tram restoration?
Kyle has a weird relationship with his dad. Gary was never around when Kyle was a kid and all he wanted was a father figure in his life. He only really had his gran Sheila because his mum was also absent. So deep down Kyle does want a relationship with his dad, but it just sucks they are both in love with the same woman. Kyle thinks it’s worth fighting for but it’s going to be a long fight!

What was it like filming the stunt where Kyle falls off the scaffolding?
I got to do the stunt myself! I was about three or four metres off the ground. We did have a stunt guy come in and he did his bit, but eventually they ended up using most of my stuff. It’s always nice as an actor to be able to do the stunts yourself, as long as you don’t die!


Why does Kyle decide to leave Erinsborough after the accident?
Kyle just keeps clashing with his dad and he feels like he’s ruining everything. He’s ruining the vibe at the house and putting Sheila in a bad spot by having to pick her son or her grandson, and making Amy feel a certain way. He doesn’t feel like he can reconcile with his dad in the near future and decides the best thing he can do is leave and get over his feelings somewhere else.

Is Kyle's relationship with Chloe over?
I wouldn’t say it’s done and dusted, they are very similar in their energies and the way they go about things. It’s a lot of fun working with April Rose Pengilly who plays her, she just throws stuff at you in a scene and it’s great to work off. I think the producers picked up on that. But for now Kyle and Chloe remain friends, although never say never!

What tempted you back to Neighbours after three years away in the US and Canada?
They approached me last year. At the time me and my girlfriend (Jenna Rosenow, who played Neighbours' Amber Turner from 2013 to 2016) were living in Vancouver. I was at a turning point, I’d just turned 30. Melbourne, where Neighbours films, is my favourite city in the world and I was happy to come home and spend some time back in Australia and use this year as a stepping stone to the next part of my career. It also gives me some time to think about what I want to do next.


How did you find the whole LA experience after Neighbours?
There are way too many Australians out there! You’re up against everybody for auditions, it’s a bit of a Neighbours/Home and Away reunion! Anyone you can think of who has been on those shows in the last 20 years is over there. It’s a weird world because we’re all fighting for the same jobs, but you’re also competing with everyone around the world! It can sometimes be a bit too much, but you get out of it what you put in.

What were your highlights of the work you did out there?
I was in an episode of the DC superhero series Arrow last year. There were a lot of stunts and it was fun to work on such a big show, it felt so different. I did a horror film called The Gallows II a while ago, I think they're waiting for the right time for it be released. It's not really gory, it’s more about the shocks and jumps. I've never done a horror film before. Jenna loves them, so I’ve seen a fair few because of her!


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