Chester is celebrating Mother's Day in new scenes of Hollyoaks, and it will see some women being called to make difficult choices.


The Channel 4 soap airs a surprise return for Zoe Anderson's (Garcia Brown) mum Sharon, played by singer Jamelia Davis. As Pearl (Dawn Hope) tries to mediate between them, will this mother-daughter duo smooth their differences?

Elsewhere, Nancy (Jessica Fox) and Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) need to make a decision when Charlie (Charlie Behan) notices something is wrong with baby Morgan.

Finally, Norma Crow's (Glynis Barber) evil plan is discovered — but she won't go down without a fight, endangering the lives of Warren (Jamie Lomas) and the twins.

Here's a round-up of the juiciest Hollyoaks spoilers from 20th-24th March 2023.

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1. A shock car crash rocks the village

Jamie Lomas and Glynis Barber trapped in the crashed car on Hollyoaks.
Norma doesn't think twice before steering the car. Channel 4/Lime Pictures

It's Mother's Day in Chester and Norma is going ahead with her plan to kidnap the twins.

Unaware of Norma's intentions, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) is getting ready to send her children off with their grandmother and father for a safari weekend. However, she realises something is off when she can't find their passports.

When Warren returns to the village to get Sophie's (Scarlett Kerr) favourite toy, a frustrated Norma grabs the wheel and crashes the car right into the Grand Bazaar.

After a cliffhanger, the soap airs the aftermath of Norma's crash on Tuesday 21st March, with Sienna rushing to help her children. Meanwhile, Warren has to decide whether to save his mother, who's trapped inside the car.

2. Warren finds out the truth about Norma

Hollyoaks Norma and Warren
Where does this leave Norma and her son Warren? Lime Pictures/Channel 4

After the crash, Warren connects the dots about his mother's evil scheming. He and Sienna have an heart-to-heart, in which he assures her he wasn't involved in Norma's kidnapping. Will she believe him?

3. Mercedes talks to Bobby

Jennifer Metcalfe as Mercedes McQueen in Hollyoaks.
Jennifer Metcalfe as Mercedes in Hollyoaks. Channel 4/Lime Pictures

Mother's Day hits Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) particularly hard. She even sees Bobby, who's carrying gifts and flowers for her, but all is not as it seems.

After dismissing Felix Westwood's (Richard Blackwood) help, Mercedes has a chat with Honour Chen-Williams (Vera Chok), who promises she could try and arrange a call with Bobby.

The mother and son manage to talk, but Goldie (Chelsee Healey) fears this wasn't the best idea when she hears Bobby berating his mum.

4. Sharon returns to Chester

Jamelia and Richard Blackwood in Hollyoaks.
Felix and the rest of the Westwood family welcome Sharon, but what will Zoe say? Channel 4/Lime Pictures

Another mother reunites with her child when Sharon returns to the village to mend things with Zoe.

Sharon explains she has had a trial shift at Dee Valley Hospital, and while Pearl is delighted to spend time with her daughter, Zoe is less than impressed and is sure her mum will leave again soon.

Pearl tries to reunite her daughter and granddaughter, but Zoe is reluctant to join them. When Sharon suggests a mother-daughter bonding day, the detective agrees to have lunch with her, but will they argue?

5. Nancy and Darren have a tough decision to make

hollyoaks nancy darren 2020
The pair are hit with some terrible news.

Darren is trying to reunite the family for Mother's Day, enlisting the help of Brooke (Tylan Grant) to convince Charlie to make an effort.

With Charlie back to celebrate Nancy, the gang spend some quality time together until the teen notices baby Morgan's foot has turned blue.

At the hospital, Darren and Nancy are informed Morgan has circulatory problems. The couple overcome their issues and become a united front to help their daughter, but Nancy is struggling.

6. Misbah is worried for Imran

Ijaz Rana as Imran Maalik in Hollyoaks
Imran is adamant he will take part in Ramadan. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Misbah Maalik (Harvey Virdi) and her son Imran (Ijaz Rana) butt heads when she insists he comes back home — and things take a turn when he announces he will take part in Ramadan.

Worried that fasting could take a toll on an exhausted Imran, Misbah is at a loss.

7. Cindy and Tom have financial troubles

Stephanie Waring and Tamara Wall as Cindy and Grace in Hollyoaks.
Cindy lies to cover up her mistake. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Following the car crash at the Grand Bazaar, Cindy (Stephanie Waring) and Tom Cunningham (Ellis Hollins) receive an expensive quote from the builder, but they're safe in the knowledge that insurance will cover the cost.

However, Cindy receives a letter informing her that the insurance has expired, lying to Tom about it and resorting to a painful move to raise money.

8. Tony's mental health deteriorates

hollyoaks tony hutchinson
Will Tony decide to see a therapist? Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) is still wrestling with guilt over Eric Foster's (Angus Castle-Doughty) attack. Diane (Alex Fletcher) encourages him to seek professional help, but he won't listen.

In new scenes, Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) tells them she has been asked to speak about her ordeal with Eric at a women's activist conference. Diane volunteers to take part in Tony's stead to spare her husband to recall his traumatic experience.

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