New episodes of Hollyoaks will focus on the big opening of the Youth Centre.


Following the hard work put in by Scott (Ross Adams), DeMarcus (Tomi Ade) and his dad Felix (Richard Blackwood), the venue is ready to open its doors to the public, but the opening suffers a setback when the centre is spray painted by vandals.

The truth behind this vile gesture seems to be much more complicated as Charlie (Charlie Behan) is involved to repay his debt to dealer Tax.

Elsewhere in the village, Cindy (Stephanie Waring) has a flirty exchange with Dave (Dominic Power) and Dillon (Nathaniel Dass) makes a confession to his loved ones.

Take a look at the biggest Hollyoaks spoilers for episodes airing on Channel 4 from Monday, May 22nd to Friday, May 26th.

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1. DeMarcus is attacked

hollyoaks felix westwood demarcus westwood
DeMarcus blames his dad for the attack. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

After the Youth Centre is spray painted by vandals, DeMarcus is left wondering whether his involvement in creating a space for the community may ruin his dad's efforts, but Vicky (Anya Lawrence) tells her boyfriend to not let the bullies break him.

It is revealed that dealer Taz (Keaton Lansley) is behind the threats. He and Felix have a confrontation, with the criminal trying to get the Youth Centre owner to back down to no avail.

Trouble continues for Felix, Scott and Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), who are in for a shock when they're forced to postpone the opening.

A change of heart from Charlie and some help from Mercedes lead to the Youth Centre being ready for the big day. However, Taz isn't letting go and, during yet another altercation with Felix, he manages to swipe the keys to the place.

Things take a turn for the worse when a fight breaks out between Taz and DeMarcus, with the latter landing in hospital with a mild concussion.

During a heart-to-heart with Felix, DeMarcus blames his dad for being attacked and tells him he'll never be a fighter like him.

2. Charlie is faced with a tough decision

Charlie Behan as Charlie Dean in Hollyoaks.
Charlie is blackmailed by Taz. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Charlie is cornered by Taz and knows he'll have to act fast to repay his debt.

Determined to get his money back one way or another, Taz tasks Charlie to steal the consoles from the Youth Centre.

After being caught out by his dad Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson), Charlie explains he was forced to do it, and they decide to keep it a secret from Nancy (Jessica Fox).

3. Cindy almost spills the beans

Stephanie Waring in Hollyoaks.
Cindy may be ready to give love another shot. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Cindy and Dave flirt when the postman goes round her place to deliver a parcel. An amused Grace (Tamara Wall) points out that her friend has been single for a while, but Cindy insists she's happy.

The market stall owner makes a U-turn and decides to join Dave and his family for a BBQ, but she's left speechless when the casual chat turns into bank robbery fantasies.

Later on, a drunk Cindy gets dangerously close to spill the beans on the heist plans she has with Grace and Zara (Kelly Condron), but The Loft owner saves her from saying too much and drags her away.

4. Sienna's acquaintance moves to the village

Sienna and Rafe are at the races.
Sienna and Rafe met at the races. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Ethan (Matthew Bailey) is trying his best to give Sienna (Anna Passey) the life she's always dreamt of, hatching a plan to bring more people to The Loft.

Despite trusting her boyfriend, Sienna is taken aback when her acquaintance from the races, Lord Rafe (Chris Gordon), rocks up to the village, announcing he's moving to Hollyoaks.

5. Dillon comes out to his mum

Imran, Dillon and DeMarcus in Hollyoaks.
Dillon feels free to be his true self in Hollyoaks. Channel 4/Lime Pictures

Dillon receives an unexpected visit from his mum Aisha, who doesn't fail to point out her disapproval of her son's appearance and life choices.

Quizzed about having punched his best friend, Dillon feels overwhelmed and walks away, leaving Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) to defend her cousin with Aisha.

Dillon opens up to Yazz, who encourages him to tell his mum what really happened with his friend.

Aisha is left stunned when her son tells her he punched his pal after he confessed his feelings for him and was met with homophobic comments.

6. Beau may miss his chance with Maxine

Maxine and Beau in Hollyoaks.
Maxine and Beau got close in recent scenes. Channel 4/Lime Pictures

The situation between Beau (Jon-Paul Bell) and Maxine (Nikki Sanderson) is still awkward after the two got close in previous episodes.

Jack (Jimmy McKenna) reminds Beau that he may miss his opportunity with Maxine if he doesn't do something soon.

7. Scott has parenting troubles

hollyoaks scott drinkwell
Scott has recently taken in young girl Miley. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Scott's foster parenting efforts are met with mixed reactions.

While Vicky leans on him for advice about DeMarcus, his new foster kid Miley (Avy Berry) isn't as impressed.

As he and Maxine are having a conversation, they're interrupted by Miley turning the TV on, with Scott telling her off and prompting her to go do her homework.

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