It's a week of sordid affairs on Emmerdale as Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) and Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) can't keep their hands off each other.


But the stakes are incredibly high, risking their exposure at every moment - in fact, just when they think they've got away from prying eyes, the one pair they don't want seeing them does.

With David (Matthew Wolfenden) finally uncovering their secret, how will he react? And what will be said that causes him to leave the village?

Meanwhile, Caleb (William Ash) and Tracy's (Amy Walsh) affair heats up once again, with those two also on a reckless path. Will Nate find out what they've been up to?

Read on for all your essential Emmerdale spoilers, airing from Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December 2023.

1. David discovers a devastating secret

Close-up shot of David on Emmerdale. He has tears in his eyes and is very worried
David in Emmerdale.

It's David's birthday, but all eyes are actually on Jacob and who his mysterious girlfriend is. Though Gabby is the prime suspect, David wonders if Jacob's trying to keep it secret for fear of bringing up feelings for Leanna.

Even though gossip is rife, Jacob and Victoria decide to throw caution to the wind and use the empty house for a tryst. But when David pops home unexpectedly, the pair scramble.

David seems determined to confront Jacob's secret head on, but before he can get the shock of the life, Jacob interjects and confirms it's Gabby.

David heads out and finds Gabby in the Woolpack - and can't help but tease her on her new flame. But Gabby's, of course, left bewildered...

Meanwhile, Victoria panics when she realises she's lost a bracelet David gave her. After hurriedly looking around for the missing jewellery, she finds it, and heads for a celebratory kiss with Jacob. But what the pair don't realise is that David's outside the window, watching...

2. David leaves Emmerdale

Emmerdale's David stands at an open car door saying goodbye to Eric Pollard, Brenda and Leyla
David, Eric, Brenda and Leyla.

We knew Matthew Wolfenden would be leaving Emmerdale, and it's been confirmed it's this week he'll exit in.

Following the shock news of Jacob and Victoria's affair, David's world is spinning and he makes his way out of the village. Will he leave Jacob and Victoria on good terms? Or is this a nasty goodbye?

3. Mack searches for Chloe

Mack and Charity talk to Amy and Matty outside the Woolpack in Emmerdale. They are all worried
Mack and Charity talk to Amy and Matty outside the Woolpack.

Mack desperately searches for Chloe and Reuben but to no avail. He heads to see Amy and Matty, keen to see if they have any news at all, and they're shocked to see him so low.

Meanwhile, Amy wonders if she'll ever see her sister again. Charity reassures Mack, saying he will see his son again - but if he wants to see Reuben, he needs to stay on Amy's side. Will Mack be reunited with his son?

4. Suni and Nicky break up?

Nicky and Suni share a tense exchange in private in Emmerdale
Nicky and Suni.

Suni is left shocked when Amit decides it's time to go back to India after struggling to connect with Laurel and the family.

As a result, Suni sets about trying to change both Laurel and Amit's minds, but the former wants to find out from Nicky why Amit punched him. Watching on nervously is Amit, who hopes Nicky doesn't reveal his secret.

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Meanwhile, Suni plans a night out with Nicky, Gabby and Ethan the next day, but he's struggling to trust Nicky and ends up regretfully dumping him. At the same time, Suni's relationship with his dad is in tatters, too.

Will Amit be able to make things up to his family? And will Suni and Nicky make up before the night out?

5. Caleb and Tracy get closer

Caleb and Tracy share a passionate kiss on Emmerdale
Caleb and Tracy.

It's clear there's unfinished business between Tracy and Caleb, and when a business meeting turns steamy, they can't keep their hands off each other for long. The next day, Tracy's flustered when Caleb asks her back to his after a night at the pub. Will she go?

Later in the week, Tracy is keen to put Caleb in the past, but it's Cain's birthday and the family gathers to celebrate. Tracy's horrified to see Caleb sitting so close to her. She takes a moment and heads to the toilet, only to discover Caleb's followed her - and as their passion fizzes, they can't help but kiss.

They're almost caught by Cain, which prompts Tracy to return to Nate in the bar, leaving Caleb on edge. But when she follows Caleb out later on, it's clear she's not finished just yet... Will Nate find out?

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