Spoiler warning for the EastEnders episode airing on Wednesday 30th August 2023, which was released on BBC iPlayer at 6am.


EastEnders aired another massive cliffhanger in its latest early release on BBC iPlayer, as Gina Knight's (Francesca Henry) life was left hanging in the balance.

After coming face to face with long-lost mum Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), Gina was furious, while her younger sister Anna (Molly Rainford) was desperate for answers. Upstairs at The Vic, Cindy sat down to finally explain herself to her daughters.

Following the soap's flashback sequence, which updated viewers on Cindy's situation in witness protection, the Knights were now also up to speed as they heard about the death of half-sister Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater), which was the catalyst for Cindy's disappearance from their lives in 2014.

They were also told of the existence of their many other siblings, including Lucy's twin Peter (Thomas Law) and Cindy Junior (Mimi Keene).

But it all proved too much for Gina, who refused to believe what she was hearing, and revealed she had killed her mother off years ago in her head out of self-preservation.

Gina was hurt to learn that Cindy hadn't even been in Walford for her and Anna's sake, and she fled the pub to drown her sorrows at Peggy's bar, with Anna later following.

Meanwhile, the locals gathered to gossip and speculate over Cindy's resurrection, and her unlikely reunion with ex-husband Ian (Adam Woodyatt).

Francesca Henry as an unconscious Gina Knight in EastEnders.
Francesca Henry as an unconscious Gina Knight in EastEnders. BBC

As Anna gave worried Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) the brush-off, she and Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) headed to the chippy to get passionate. But at Peggy's, a drunk Gina got high on drugs, and dad George Knight (Colin Salmon) rushed to find her, with Cindy hot on his heels.

They arrived just as Gina collapsed to the floor. But will she survive, or will her life be a fatal casualty of Cindy's explosive comeback?

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