Why does Toyah confront dodgy loan shark Rick in Coronation Street?

Convinced Nick is hiding something she puts herself in grave danger…


The net closes in on Coronation Street‘s Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) when former sister-in-law Toyah Battersby’s (Georgia Taylor) suspicions about his potential involvement in the factory roof collapse make her believe he is in league with dodgy loan shark Rick Neelan (Greg Wood).


While Nick does have something to hide with regard to his finances (viewers know he stole cash from gran Audrey Roberts to get out of debt), Toyah is barking up the wrong tree.

However on Wednesday 22nd May after conspiratorial conversations with her sister, and Nick’s lover, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), along with Nick’s sister Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), she joins the dots on Mr Tilsley’s increasingly shifty behaviour and is convinced he got a loan from bad boy Rick to fund his barber’s shop business.

On Friday 24th May Toyah meets with Rick who insists he’s never had any dealing with Nick, leaving her frustrated.

Persuading reluctant Lee to ransack Rick’s office to find evidence proving her theory, they set up a fake appointment to get him out of the way. But the girls are busted when Rick’s sidekick Sharon arrives at the office while the Battersby sisters are snooping…

What happens if they get caught? And how long can Nick hide the truth about defrauding his family? Georgia Taylor tells RadioTimes.com about Toyah’s mission to bring down her former brother-in-law.


What’s the atmosphere like when Toyah moves back in with Nick and Leanne after a row with Imran?

There hasn’t been any love lost between Nick and Toyah for some time. Having her move back in is his worst nightmare because he knows she won’t stop with the sarcastic comments. Leanne is oblivious, she thinks it’s great!

Is Toyah a match for Nick?

In some ways. They are both smart but the difference is Nick is naturally more cunning so that could be where he trumps her. Toyah is bright but is not a criminal genius. Nick is notoriously sneaky and devious and we’ve certainly seen a darker side since he returned to the street last year.

Why does Nick still rile her up?

I feel like when I have scenes with Ben Price, Toyah reverts back to that boisterous teenager because she is quite snide. Toyah hasn’t trusted Nick since they were teenagers and the way he was with Leanne when they eloped, it goes way back. With him, that Battersby spirit comes out now and again.


What has made Toyah suspicious of Nick?

She’s been questioning Nick’s finances and wondering where he suddenly got all this money from to invest in the factory. Leanne has been suspicious as well because he has always been quite vague about it, so Leanne, Toyah and Sarah are all equally suspicious and they come together and join forces. It’s Charlie’s Angels meets Scooby-Doo!

Toyah and Leanne break into Rick’s office; what are they hoping to find?

Evidence that Nick has used Rick as a means of getting money. Toyah wants to find proof because she wants to have this big reveal with Leanne where she can say that she was right all along about Nick being dodgy.

Leanne is hoping for the opposite – she doesn’t want them to find anything to incriminate Nick!


Have they thought through this plan properly?

They are running on adrenaline and if they stopped and thought about it too much they would talk each other out of it, because it is ridiculous! They are breaking and entering a premises that belongs to a really dangerous man. It all happens really fast: when they get in there they fling cupboards open and it’s all crazy, then they hear someone heading back into the office…

Are Toyah and Leanne in real danger?

Rick is someone not to be messed with. It’s risky and there is every chance they could be caught either by Rick or the police, so they are definitely putting themselves in danger.

Do you think Toyah should leave Nick alone?

The rational side of me reckons this won’t end well and if she took a step back the truth will find its way out. But the viewer in me wants her to keep hounding him because it’s more interesting!


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