Carla Connor is in BIG financial trouble in Coronation Street. The Underworld boss has been trying to cut corners at every turn, including not paying to have the factory roof repaired properly.


But Carla's costcutting comes back to haunt her in a MUST-SEE week of the ITV soap, when the roof of Underworld collapses on Monday 18 March, burying factory staff alive...

Coronation Street, Gemma Winter
Could this be the end for Gemma? (Picture: ITV)

And someone DIES! But who?

Is Carla to blame? Or considering she's made a load of enemies over the past few weeks, is there another culprit out to ruin her reputation?

Let's take a look at some of the suspects...

Robert Preston

Coronation Street, Robert Preston, Carla Connor
Robert confronts Carla outside Underworld (Picture: ITV)

The Bistro boss has made no attempt to hide the fact he’s out to get Carla for interfering in his relationship with Michelle Connor. He blames Carla for influencing Michelle's decision over whether or not to have a baby with Robert. On Wednesday 13 March, Robert confronts Carla outside Underworld and warns her to watch out. Then, shortly after Carla finds her window smashed with a brick on Friday 15 March, Robert is seen lurking nearby...

Peter Barlow

Coronation Street, Peter Barlow, Carla Connor
Peter's relationship with his ex Carla has turned toxic again. (Picture: ITV)

He's been clashing more than usual with ex-lover Carla, especially after she blames him for sticking her with Nick Tilsley as a business partner. On Friday 15 March, Peter tries to step in and help when the factory staff rebel against boss Carla. But he just gets an earful for his efforts. Feeling angry and resentful, is Peter out to get even with his ex?

Nick Tilsley

Coronation Street, Carla Connor, Nick Tilsley
Nick discovers Carla is trying to cut him out of the business. (Picture: ITV)

Once upon a time Nick was going to marry Carla. Now he can't stand her! On Friday 15 March he discovers Carla is trying to cut him out of the business and is furious. He storms onto the factory floor and tells the staff Carla is planning to outsource production, which means they could all soon be out of a job! On Monday 18 March, Nick tells his ex-wife Leanne that Carla won’t get away with her plans...

Gary Windass

Coronation Street, Carla Connor, Gary Windass
Carla got builder Gary to fix the factory roof on the cheap... (Picture: ITV)

The builder was responsible for the roof repairs at Underworld. But did he do a shoddy job? On Friday 8 March, cash-strapped Carla asked him to fix the factory's leaky ceiling as cheaply as possible and accused the builder of trying to squeeze her for more money.

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Seb Franklin

Coronation Street, Gary Windass, Seb Franklin
Seb got sacked after punching builder boss Gary! (Picture: ITV)

This angry young man has a score to settle with his former builder boss Gary Windass. The pair had a punch-up in the Rovers on Thursday 7 March and Seb got sacked! Then on Friday 15 March, Seb is not impressed when he sees Gary flashing the cash and vows to teach Gary a lesson and see him suffer the way he has. Could Seb have sabotaged the roof to frame Gary?


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