Maureen Lipman returns as Evelyn on Coronation Street

But will grandson Tyrone send her packing again?

Coronation Street, Evelyn Plummer, Tyrone Dobbs

It looked like Tyrone Dobbs (played by Alan Halsall) had seen the last of his grandmother Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) in Coronation Street, after she packed her bags at the end of January and went on holiday to Italy.


The pair parted on bad terms, after Tyrone discovered it was Evelyn who had abandoned him as a baby on the steps of a police station.

Coronation Street, Evelyn Plummer, Tyrone Dobbs
She’s back! But Evelyn doesn’t get a warm welcome from Tyrone. (Picture: ITV)

But on Monday 11 March, there’s an unexpected intruder at No.9 when Tyrone catches Evelyn trying to sneak back into the house, and is furious over the worry she has put him through with her disappearing act!

However, since grumpy grandmother Evelyn owes him 750 euros, which Tyrone spent to fly her back to Weatherfield, he decides she can stay with him and daughter Ruby until she has paid the money back.

Both Tyrone and Evelyn are secretly pleased as they really did miss each other after their big bust-up!

However, there’s a dilemma. How will pensioner Evelyn pay back the money without a job? Tyrone has a lightbulb moment and decides to ask garage co-owner Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) to give Evelyn a job working in the garage office.

But with Evelyn’s no-nonsense manner and dodgy customer service skills, will she bring in business for mechanics Tyrone or Kevin…or scare the customers away!


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