It's been a short-lived family reunion for Tyrone Dobbs and his long-lost grandmother Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) after she packed her bags and left Weatherfield!


Tyrone fell-out with Evelyn at the start of this week, when she revealed the shock truth about how Tyrone's drug addicted mum Cassie did a runner, leaving Evelyn holding the baby. Stressed-out Evelyn later abandoned Tyrone on the steps of a police station thinking it was the kindest thing to do.

Evelyn, who has lived with the secret for over 30 years, claimed she never stopped thinking about Tyrone and definitely wants to be part of his life now and spend more time with his young daughter, Ruby.

However, Tyrone was not in a forgiving mood and is furious Evelyn just abandoned him in such a cruel way.

So while Evelyn already had a holiday to Italy booked, she was in for a shock when she realised it was going to be a one-way trip. Tyrone made it very clear she was to pack her bags and not come back to Weatherfield!

While Evelyn waited for her taxi to the airport, she popped into Roy's Rolls for some advice from cafe owner Roy, hoping he could help mend the rift between her and grandson Tyrone. But even after Roy visited Tyrone and reminded the garage mechanic about his own regrets in not repairing his rocky relationship with his late mum Sylvia Goodwin, it seemed it might not be enough to convince Tyrone to give Evelyn another chance.

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Corrie, Evelyn Plummer, Tyrone Dobbs
Tyrone is not in a forgiving mood after Evelyn's shock revelations. (Picture: ITV) ITV

With her suitcase packed, Evelyn bids Weatherfield bye-bye, unaware Tyrone DID have a change of heart after a plea from Ruby to bring back Evelyn...

Don't worry, if you're hoping to see more of sharp-tongued pensioner Evelyn. The character will be back on screen in March. But whether she's welcomed back by Tyrone remains to be seen.

Maureen Lipman, who joined the Corrie cast last autumn as Evelyn, recently took a break from filming the ITV soap to star in her one-woman show, Up For It, which was a smash sell-out success at last year's Edinburgh Fringe.


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