Coronation Street's Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) comes face to face with her jailbird son Clayton Hibbs (Callum Harrison) next week to deliver some tragic news about a death in the family, but quickly regrets letting her murderous offspring back into her life.


Bad boy Clayton is serving time for the murder of David Platt's (Jack P Shepherd) wife Kylie who was the victim of a fatal stabbing in 2016. Estranged mum Shona sought out the Platts to try and make amends for her son's crime and ended up finding romance with widowed David, despite keeping her link to his wife's killer quiet at first.

Shona and Clayton have very little to do with each other these days, with Shona having rejected her violent son to focus on her new family with David and his kids, but their relationship is set to be put to the test when Shona has to visit the prison with bad tidings…


Her ex, and Clayton's dad, Dane has died from an overdose, but when Shona tells him she is shocked to learn Clayton already knew. As Clayton opens up to his mum about being bullied by the other inmates, he begs for her help and backing his attempt to be moved to an open prison.

Back on the street, David's protective big brother Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) is disgusted Shona has been to see Clayton knowing how much it will upset her other half, and accuses her of having no regard for his sibling's feelings.

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Will Shona risk her future with David to help Clayton?

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod told last month Clayton's return plot would truly test Shona's loyalties, as the incarcerated character tries to lure her into drug smuggling.

"Clayton rears his ugly, criminal head and throws a massive spanner in the works for David as he he tries to embroil Shona in a plot to smuggle drugs into prison. It becomes a story about Shona and her son and will provide the biggest challenge to her relationship with David since the sexual assault story.

“The fact that David is in love with the mother of the boy who killed the love of his life is huge and such a ripe area for us to explore."

Shortly after Kylie's death, a grief-stricken David planned to kill Clayton - and himself - by driving a car full of petrol into the police van taking Mr Hibbs to Kylie's murder trial. Will David still have a thirst for revenge when Clayton manipulates Shona?


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