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Who is Tyler Jefferies in Coronation Street? Everything you need to know

The teen gang leader is Amy Barlow's baby daddy

Published: Friday, 25th January 2019 at 8:22 pm

Coronation Street has confirmed the father of Amy Barlow's (Elle Mulvaney) baby is teenage tearaway Tyler Jefferies (Will Barnett), last heard of being sent to a young offenders' institute for a spree of juvenile delinquent crimes.


Bad boy Tyler was introduced in March 2018 as a school mate of Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) and spent much of last year corrupting the curly-haired kid into anti-social behaviour. Eventually Si stood up to toxic Tyler and testified against him in court, although the cocky boy was eventually apprehended thanks to his own online brag about getting away with his crimes.

Friday 25 January's episode saw pregnant teen Amy arrange to meet Tyler, finally resolving the mystery of who the father of her baby is a week after she discovered she was expecting at 14. So what kind of a parental role model is Tyler going to make? Here's a reminder of his misdemeanours…

Poor old Audrey Roberts became one of Tyler's first victims when his gang mugged her in broad daylight, knocking her onto the cobbles. Tyler had lured sulky Simon into his gang of reprobates who hung around the street causing chaos with vandalism, stealing from Dev's shop and playing truant among their pastimes.

Carla Connor discovered her ex-stepson was in with the bad crowd and tried to get Simon to extricate himself from the gang, but when she confronted them herself Tyler turned on the intimidation and threatened the feisty factory boss to keep her nose out. The very notion of this little pipsqueak making tough nut Carla quake in her boots was pretty hard to swallow at the time, we have to say, but it established Tyler as a dangerous individual.

Grand theft auto
Over the next few months Tyler lured Simon into his crew of losers, even rewarding him with his own hoodie. He even convinced him to steal stepmum Toyah's car when she foolishly left the keys in the ignition - at the time, Toyah was hiding the fact her and Peter's surrogate daughter was actually Eva Price's baby, so she allowed herself to be briefly blackmailed by the dodgy duo.

Breaking and entering
Tyler targeted kooky pensioner Flora McArdle when she inherited a load of cash and convinced Simon to break into her flat to rob her. When Flora caught them in the act Ty knocked her unconscious and the boys fled - thankfully this was the moment the scales fell from Si's eyes and he confessed all to the cops leading to juvenile delinquent Jefferies being arrested. But putting his life of crime behind him proved was easier said than done for Simon…


Dog poisoning
Fuming at the betrayal of his accomplice, Tyler turned his threatening behaviour on to Simon and his family. None of the Barlows were safe - not even Eccles the dog, who Tyler poisoned to send a message he was not to be messed with. A bit like a millennial teenage gang version of the horse's head in The Godfather.


Drive-by shooting
Tyler's revenge reached fever pitch when he tried to stop Simon testifying in the lead-up to his court appearance by shooting a paintball gun through a car window as he whizzed past, shooting Peter in the process. Of course it didn't work and brave Si took to the stand. Shortly after Tyler was jailed his scary mum Vicky rocked up and briefly worked at Underworld to continue the harassment of the Barlows who she blamed for her boy's incarceration. What will Vicky have to say about Tyler getting Simon's cousin up the duff, we wonder?

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