Peter kisses Carla AND Abi in Coronation Street – will he date them both?

Double passion in store for the Barlow charmer


Coronation Street‘s Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and Carla Connor (Alison King) are unable to resist each other yet again next week when they share a kiss for old times’ sake while discussing their on/off romance – but Peter has his eyes on a new conquest as he also locks lips with feisty jail bird Abi Franklin (Sally Carman). Is he planning on two-timing? He’s certainly got form in that department…


Monday 28 January sees Peter and Abi unexpectedly bond as the mechanic offers to fix the engine on Mr Barlow’s boat he’s currently doing up, and he ends up offering her a job helping with the restoration.

Sharing stories of their respective colourful pasts leads to a connection deepening between the pair and on Wednesday 30 January the ex-bookie offers a shoulder to cry on after she clashes with son Seb over her twins’ custody in court. Support turns to passion and the pair are soon smooching!


“Abi and Peter immediately recognise a lost, kindred spirit in each other,” reveals Carman. “Both have had issues with addiction and so they have an instant connection. They understand how the other’s minds work so it is a shortcut to a friendship. There is a definite spark from the off and she could easily fall for him.”

On Friday 1 February Abi is clearly contemplating this being more than a one-off as she questions Peter over his complex relationship with Carla, but he insists their romance is firmly in the past having decided on New Year’s Eve to just be friends. Things get really interesting when Carla then turns up on the boat, unaware her ex is getting it on with Abi…

Will Abi fight Carla for Peter?

It seems Peter can’t help himself and he later seeks out old flame Carla at the factory and they pick over the bones of their doomed romance. Moving in for a kiss as he’s swept up in the moment, how will Carla react? Will Peter admit he’s in the throes of a new flirtation with another woman? Or is he planning to revisit his bigamy days and juggle two lovers at the same time?!


If it comes down to a battle for Peter’s heart, Carman has her own views on which woman would be victorious in a fight. “Abi definitely. Carla has a sophistication that Abi hasn’t, which gives Abi the edge because she is an alley cat!

“Abi has got nothing to lose and Carla has so that is the difference. If it was a war of words or then no, Abi wouldn’t win, but if it was an actual physical fight then Abi would kill Carla!”


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