The new Coronation Street trailer reveals so much about the soap's upcoming drama that we thought it'd be handy to break it down into 10 digestible storyline chunks. So here's your handy guide to all the key plotlines playing out in the months ahead:


Clayton returns
Shona can be seen visiting her killer son Clayton in hospital after he appears to have beaten up in prison. This reunion will lead to Shona becoming tempted into taking part in a scheme cooked up by Clayton to smuggle drugs into the jail all of which will put her romance with David to the test. Said show boss Iain McLeod:

“The fact that David is in love with the mother of the boy who killed the love of his life is so huge and such a ripe area for us to explore. So, yes, Clayton rears his ugly, criminal head and throws a massive spanner in the works for David as he he tries to embroil Shona in a plot to smuggle drugs into prison. It becomes a story about Shona and her son and will provide the biggest challenge to her relationship with David since the Josh story.”

Simon dead in a boat fire?
In the final seconds of the new promo, Simon can be seen struggling to breathe while trapped on Peter’s boat, which has now caught fire. As viewers will recall, Carla gifted Peter the boat at new year, but there could well be a tragic twist to the storyline as a desperate Mr Barlow tries to come to his son’s aid. New tabloid reports have revealed that a traumatised Roy Cropper will be revealed to have inadvertently caused the blaze after sleepwalking onto the boat in the wake of his mother’s death.

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Sarah to sleep with Adam?
Is Sarah Platt about to cheat on Gary Windass? It’s certainly looking that way from the trailer, what with Sarah getting increasingly disillusioned with her partner and turning to lothario legal eagle Adam for support. New spoiler storyline details reveal that Sarah will be seen flirting with Adam over a bottle of wine. But when Adam tries to kiss her, how will Sarah respond? All we can reveal is that when Sarah heads out of the flat, closely followed by Adam, their actions are observed by Seb, who then gets into a scrap with the amorous Mr Barlow.

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Amy is pregnant
There’s another teen pregnancy storyline coming to Corrie, as Amy Barlow bunks off school in order to attend a family planning clinic, where she explains to the nurse that she’s expecting a baby and is in need of an abortion. But when the nurse insists that Amy discuss this with her parents, she ends up leaning on Liz for moral support. But when Tracy finds out the truth, she lashes out and immediately starts to look for someone to blame. Hence the finger of suspicion pointing in Simon’s direction…

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Daniel and Sinead's son is ill
There’s baby drama for Sinead this week when she gives birth to a boy, who she and Daniel name Bertie. But when doctors explain that they need to examine the newborn, it looks as though Daniel and Sinead will be put through the emotional wringer when it comes to the survival of their baby. Then there’s Sinead herself, who is currently underdoing treatment for cervical cancer. Will she make it through? Said Iain MacLeod:

“It’s a really long-running story and we genuinely haven’t decided what we’re doing with the ending. But the longer it goes on, the harder it becomes to kill Sinead because Katie and Rob [Mallard, who plays Daniel] have been so good in it. They’re almost acting their way off the butcher’s block.”


Audrey sells to Claudia
The salon looks set to be under new ownership in the weeks ahead as a broke Audrey decides to sell to rival Claudia. After discovering that there’s dry rot on her house in Grasmere Drive, Aud finds that she hasn’t got the cash to fund the repairs, especially seeing as her bank account was recently cleared out. So she feels that she has little option but to hand over control to Claudia. The trouble is that this move puts the nose of heir apparent David out of joint and he lashes out, telling his gran that she can stick her job.

David goes into business with Nick
Is manscaping coming to Weatherfield? It’s the big question the locals will be asking after a disgruntled David (see Audrey sells to Claudia, above) takes his gran to empty premises on Victoria Street and reveals that he and Nick have gone into business together and are opening a barbers’ shop. On the upcoming opening of Trim Up North, producer Iain MacLeod said:

"One of the key things that has changed in Manchester is vape shops and barbers and it felt like having a hipster barbers totally plays into David and Nick's idea of themselves as upwardly mobile young gentlemen."

"It's also a place for our young cast to go in and drink beer but characters like Ken and Roy would also go in, thinking it was an Edwardian throwback.I want somewhere where you have Roy and Adam in adjacent chairs, shooting the breeze.”

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Carla to design Rana's wedding dress?
#Kana fans get their first glimpse as to how Kate and Rana’s nuptials could turn out when Mary indulges in a spot of wedding planning. Says Mary: “Rana meet Carla, she owns a clothing factory that uses lace. Carla meet Rana, she’s a lesbian in need of a lacy wedding outfit.” So could Underworld be making the dress of the year?

Evelyn to leave?
Having had to redraw his family tree, Tyrone is to face more surprises in the weeks ahead when he’s introduced to a surprise face from Evelyn’s past. As it turns out, Evelyn has ANOTHER grandson and she’s not been entirely honest with him. But why does Evelyn appear to have booked tickets to Paris. Is she thinking of leaving Weatherfield and the UK behind – and depriving Ty of answers?

Gemma and Chesney get it on
Ches’s love life is again in the spotlight, but it doesn’t seem as though his future is lying with stylist Emma. In a comedy scene, Gemma can be seen throwing Ches onto the sofa and kissing the life out of him, only for the pair to be caught in the act by Chesney’s son Joseph!


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