Daniel and Sinead name their son after classic Coronation Street character

Which old face is the baby boy named in honour of?


Weatherfield welcomes a new addition next week when Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) gives birth to a baby boy in Coronation Street. On Monday 14 January doctors break the devastating news her cancer has spread and she needs to start radiotherapy as a matter of urgency so she’s rushed in to deliver her premature child, while fraught husband Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) and Sinead’s family face an agonising wait.


The tiny baby arrives, and there are emotional scenes on Wednesday 16 January when Daniel introduces Ken Barlow (William Roache) to his new grandson. The birth unites the Barlows, with Ken making peace with Sinead over the way he treated her in the past, and the fractious relationship between father and son starts to thaw when Daniel announces he is naming the boy Bertie, after Ken’s uncle, Albert Tatlock.

The Barlow patriarch is delighted at the nod to his beloved ‘Uncle Albert’, the biological uncle of first wife Valerie (Peter’s mother) and a much-loved classic Corrie character from the soap’s very first episode back in 1960. Curmudgeonly Albert was the original grumpy old man of the cobbles, and remained close to Ken after Val’s death in 1971, thinking of him as the son he never had.


Ken and second wife Deirdre moved in to care for Albert in his old age and eventually bought his house, No.1 Coronation Street, and the character died of a heart attack in 1984, after actor Jack Howarth suffered the same tragic fate off screen, aged 88.


Will Sinead’s baby survive after shock diagnosis?

Unfortunately his namesake young Bertie has a difficult start in life, as doctors reveal to distraught Daniel the baby has a serious bowel condition. Ken supports his son upon hearing the news, but Daniel keeps the diagnosis from Sinead not wanting to cause her any more distress.


On Friday 18 January Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) discovers from Sinead’s auntie Beth Tinker (Lisa George) what Daniel is hiding from the new mum, and reckons she needs to know the truth – will she go against her brother’s wishes or convince him to confess?

As Daniel takes Sinead to the premature baby unit to properly meet her son for the first time, Sinead is overwhelmed as she looks into the incubator. How will she react when she discovers his health crisis? Will Daniel continue to keep it from her for as long as he can, or will blabbermouth Tracy tell all?


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